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Should We Encourage Students to Write Their Own Stories?


As tutors, we do what we can to help our students improve their writing, especially for English Paper one. So we research, try out different methods, and scour through various blog articles to find ways to help our students.

One of the most common methods is to let our students practise writing their own stories. Yet, it may seem a little time-consuming and not worth the effort, especially since we can just get our students to complete past year papers.

Let us explore how letting your students write their own stories is advantageous to their writing and development.

Improves Their Proficiency in English


One of the main reasons writing stories is so beneficial to students is because it improves their proficiency in English. Students learn to organise paragraphs and complex story plots coherently by writing their own stories.

Additionally, students also get more practice in using complex vocabulary and creating engaging sentences. While writing dialogues, they can practise their conversational skills too!

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Encourages Them to be Creative and Imaginative


Another benefit to writing stories is that it encourages your students to be creative and imaginative. For example, when writing fiction stories like fantasy or sci-fi your student has the freedom to come up with their own lores, folktales and myths.

While writing such stories, your student also learns how to ‘worldbuild’ (where they create worlds and how that world works) and they create characters too so it boosts their creativity and imagination.

And because there is no restriction to how far their imagination can go, it allows them the creative freedom to try anything.

Gives Them an Outlet


Writing stories also serves as an outlet for students. It allows students to explore their ideas, emotions and thoughts through their characters. In fact, in some cases, students may even use their characters as reflections of themselves.

They can also use story writing to express themselves, be it their ideologies or perspectives. When it comes to the content, the possibilities are endless.

Gain Experience


As our students write more, they gain more experience, particularly in descriptive writing.

When writing certain scenes or trying to describe their characters and personalities, your student might realise that they need to be more descriptive to bring them to life.

For example, they might find that they need to pay more attention to detail so that their readers understand what they are trying to convey. In a way, this also helps them develop their own writing style as they experiment with different writing techniques and writing styles.

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Gain Knowledge in Other Fields of Studies


Last but not least, as they write stories, our students also gain knowledge in other fields of studies because they have to research various topics to make their stories believable or their scenes possible.

For example, if your student gives their character a specific special need, then they need to research that condition to get the facts right.

When your student does extensive research on their own, it expands their knowledge, lets them understand various worldviews, and it also encourages curiosity and independent learning too!



Story writing is a great way to help your student improve their writing skills. It also contributes to their development and makes them more interested in learning.

As such, we should encourage our students to write their own stories, though only during their free time.

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