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Which Factors Should You Consider to Choose the Right Music School?

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Music is an integral part of many cultures and has a special place in many people’s lives. It’s often considered a universal language that also helps to raise awareness about global issues. 

Learning and practising music can help you build your language skills and increase your knowledge about various topics, teach you discipline, and motivate you to master a new skill with great fun and a way to distress. 

Offering a wide range of extra curriculums, the music scene in Singapore is an important part of many Singaporeans in their schooling years. 

Most students would have taken music from kindergarten to Primary Six, while those who wish to further their education in music may seek out private or more art-centric schools. 

Important Factors Before Choosing the Right Music School

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Entering the music industry and making a lasting impression can be difficult if you don’t choose the right music school. Whether you want to learn the piano, guitar or violin, you have to find the best professional music school. 

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Here are some important factors to consider before you choose the right or leading Singapore music school

Networking Opportunities

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If you intend to pursue music professionally, then you have to look at the big picture. Don’t just consider the training quality, check if the school can help you navigate the music industry.

When you are doing research, choose the school that is going to provide you with the right opportunities for you to grow as a musician and music producer.

Performance Training

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Try to enrol in a music school that provides the opportunity of performing in front of an audience.

These performances can be formal like concerts and recitals. Casual events can also be organised and can present on social media or websites.

Performing is good because it helps you overcome performance anxiety and gives you experience.

Offered Lessons

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If you are interested in music production then you do not have to choose a music school that only offers instrument-based programs. 

In the same way, if you want to take piano lessons then you do not have to choose a school that focuses on the technical side of music. The school doesn’t try to control your passion and aspirations, but you control which school you go to.    

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Guitar:  The role of the guitar is versatile in both classical and pop music. Guitar lessons are important because they play a central role in music genres like Latin, jazz, funk, and rock.

It can also be found in many other music genres.

Piano: Studies show that mental health improves when time is spent on the piano. Singapore music schools emphasise the importance of taking piano lessons, making them a great place to learn. The piano is an excellent starting instrument for anybody. 

Drum: In music schools, drum lessons are taught because it is important in a band and provides rhythm. The main role of the drummer is to play the backbone of the music.

When it comes to self-expression, playing the drums is often associated with negative emotions such as anger, but positive ones can occur when playing the drums too. 

Violin: The violin is one of the most popular instruments that people have been learning for years. They are perfect for playing melodies and are important instruments in orchestras. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting to explore the world of music, the right accessories, such as a high-quality bow or a sturdy bam violin case, can enhance your playing experience.

For centuries, it has been a huge part of the music industry.  


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Many lessons and programmes are organised in music schools for students. But don’t just apply to a music school because someone told you to. You have to follow your own wants and needs.

Finding the right music school can be challenging. By considering your goals and budget, you can narrow down your options. Remember that investing in the right school can set you up for a fulfilling musical career. 

Good luck!

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