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Free Apps to Help Students Concentrate and Focus

Technology is a double-edged sword. Too much screen time on our phones or laptops has harmful effects but at the same time, it makes our lifestyle more efficient, convenient and productive.

For example, in school, us students can use technology to optimise processes, manage our schoolwork and help us concentrate during our study sessions.

In fact, there are plenty of free apps that can help increase concentration, brain function and enhance memory. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of these apps to help you improve your concentration and focus.

1. CogniFit BrainTraining

Cognifit BrainTraining is a personalised brain training program that rehabilitates and stimulates primary cognitive skills like reasoning, memory, attention, and perception.

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This program uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to create a specialised program for each user. For example, it automatically adjusts its difficulty level as you progress.

CogniFit Brain Training app has more than 50 mental tasks and games, which students worldwide can access after downloading the application from Google Playstore.

2. Lumosity

Lumosity is a brain training program that millions of students around the globe enjoy using. It offers a series of games developed to boost problem-solving, flexibility, processing speed and memory.

In the app, you can set up your goals, and Lumosity will incorporate them into a personalised training program. The program keeps track of your progress and provides further challenges as you keep improving your skills.

You can also log into the app through its website and play games directly on the site. Lumosity helps students achieve their cognitive potential. It is a fun way to train and stimulate your brain!

3. Elevate

In Elevate, everyday you get a personalised set of games that help you to improve your attention, processing speed, memory, maths skills, and listening comprehension.

Not only does each game engage and challenge you in unique ways, but you also improve more quickly because you receive instant feedback. As you continue playing, your performance is tracked which lets you see how your brain function and processes improve.

This app is available on Google Playstore, which makes it accessible to students from around the globe.

4. Fit Brains Trainer

Game experts and neuroscientists developed the Fit Brains Trainer. This program has more than enough games that help the five key brain areas:
1. Memory
2. Concentration
3. Language
4. Visual and spatial
5. Problem-solving

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With Fit Brains Trainer, you get daily activities to challenge your brain. You also enjoy personalised training programs that adapt to your strengths and weaknesses.

The app has an extensive tracking system that shows you how your brain performs over time. So it analyses your performance in each category, giving you information about your intelligence level and how it develops as you progress through the game.

Likewise, the application adapts itself to your performance and automatically adjusts its difficulty based on how you solve the different puzzles. The best part is that it allows you to compete with other players worldwide to see who gets the highest score in each category.

5. LearningRx Brainbase

If you wish to train your brain to be stronger, faster, and more powerful, LearningRx Brainbase is the app for you.

This app uses a world-renowned cognitive skills program from LearningRx and lets you exercise critical cognitive skills like working memory, visual and auditory processing, selective and divided attention, and executive function.

Using the app is a convenient and accessible way to improve on your focus and concentration. With LearningRx, you don’t have to go to a learning centre to get smarter and perform better. The whole program is right within your reach.

6. Peak Brain Training

Peak is an easy-to-use learning tool that helps you play smarter and level up your brain. With Peak, you can have fun while still pushing your cognitive skills. This app lets you play innovatively by using a series of games that focus on different aspects of cognition.

Whether you’re working to increase your concentration or speed up your problem solving, Peak has a game for you. The Peak brain training app makes it easy to become smarter and levels up your brain.

7. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app that provides guided meditations on stress management or sleep issues. They also offer a mindfulness course for students.

With various sessions for different topics, you’ll be able to focus to improve on the areas of your life that matter most. Whether you’re curious about stress management or are looking to improve your sleep habits, Headspace has you covered.

Headspace provides sessions ranging from 5 to 30 minutes and is perfect for you if you’re looking to integrate meditation into their daily routine.


Stress is a major issue that many of us face in Singapore’s education system. The pressure to do well academically and in our extra curriculum can be difficult to cope with.

Thankfully, Brain.FM offers “music that works” by helping students focus, relax or sleep better. Their music is scientifically proven to help them get a better night’s sleep and improve their overall mental health.

As an additional benefit, it also helps us to focus and makes us more productive. With AI, students can generate music in real-time that is personalised to their needs and helps them accomplish their goals.


With the help of online resources, students can set up a routine that will help them focus on their studies and stay productive. Although technology can be harmful, it’s all about finding the right balance between technology and other activities that work for you.

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