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The Best Gift Ideas For Teacher’s Day

14 September 2023

(Pexels - RDNE Stock project) As the later half of the year arrives, a special day for our beloved educators does too: Teacher’s Day! This...

Ignite Your Learning Journey – Getting Started With Tuition

23 August 2023

In this day and age where the average attention span of a person has reduced drastically, youths of today may now find syllabus involving sciences...

The Benefits of Private Tuition in Singapore: Is It Worth It?

23 August 2023

Singapore has long been hailed as a global leader in academic achievement. It has an excellent educational system that provides students with a robust learning...

Tech Integration: Why Students Should Have Smartphones in Class

08 August 2023

(Pexels - Gabriel Freytez) Smartphones have become something that we can’t live without in today’s digital age.  We use them to do almost everything: texting,...

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