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5 Essential Tips to Overcome Exam Stress

Exam Stress

Are you are feeling stressed about your upcoming examinations?

While it might seem like you are all alone, the truth is almost every student is constantly under some kind of stress. Expectations from well-meaning parents, school teachers, and friend can all quickly add up and cause immense stress.

Exam stress and peer pressure might sound like simple problems they but play a critical role in every student’s day to day life. So it is of utmost importance that you know of ways you can deal with such bad elements that can constantly bug your physical, emotional and mental health.

Those who know how to deal with stress can make life so much easier and better for themselves. So, here are some ways you can use to deal with stress and lead a better life.

1. Make a schedule

Most students wait for the deadline of homework assignments before they even begin working on it. This is a wrong approach and often leads to stress when they are unable to complete the work on time. Never put off a work to the last minute as not only there will be necessary stress, but last minute work can never be your best performance for anything.

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So, make sure to schedule your time correctly. Simply set aside an hour or so for completing all your pending school work. An hour or even half hour won’t seem like a lot of time in a day and you will be regularly completing your work as well.

2. Share with friends

The dangerous thing about stress and peer pressure is that, most students keep it to themselves as they feel ashamed to talk about their mental stress with their parents, teachers or any other elderlies.

However, talking and sharing your feelings with friends has proven to be the best stress management as teenagers are mostly more comfortable talking to their friends than to their parents.

3. Involve yourself in physical activity

Keeping yourself fit and healthy can help overcome stress in more ways than you can imagine. Keep a regular schedule of some physical activity or sport like football, tennis, riding a bicycle, swimming or anything else. These physical activities can let you blow off some steam due to a stressful day and can help you relax and enhance your concentration power.

4. Don’t cram

It’s not wise to cram for exams or to just skim through pages at the eleventh hour. Make sure to keep up with your course materials regularly and when there is a time constraint, it is better to read the major sections or important topics rather than trying to go through the whole course. And lastly, even if you score fewer marks, don’t worry, be better prepared next time and improve your score later.

5. Seek help

Guess what, friends can be more useful than just providing a listening ear. If you are struggling, seek help from friends and get them to study with you. Friends can help turn a stressful or a serious situation into a fun situation and can help you resolve your doubts and recover from any kind of problem. You can even ask your friends for help for your pending assignments and exam preparation!

Another alternative is engage professional home tutors through a good tuition agency. There are many well-qualified and passionate private tutors who will go the extra mile to help you to succeed in your studies and relieve stress. You can even engage other school MOE teachers to give you 1-to-1 private tuition!


Hopefully, you’ve learnt some ways to deal with stress and peer pressure. Simply remember that there is so much more in life than your academics. Try your best, keep learning new things regularly and most importantly, keep smiling and remain happy all the time. And all the best!

Rum Tan

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