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How To Build Confidence In Young Children?

Whenever children do something right and interesting, we often praise them for their good job. These praises are god-sent for kids because it helps them feel good about themselves and increases their self-esteem.

But, did you know that there are other things that can help you build your child’s confidence?

Here are several tips you can do to help boost your child’s confidence:

Step back

Aside from praise, taking a step back and letting your kids explore is a good way to help their self-esteem.

As they do things their way, they get to learn how to become independent and confident with their skills. Easier said than done for kiasu parents like us but for the greater good of our children, we must prevail.

Over-praising kids do more harm than good

Self-esteem develops with the help of love, security and skill. But, skill is not easily perfected and requires practice to become perfect. If we keep saying to our kids that they are doing great even if they are not, we aren’t giving them the chance to push themselves further.

Moderate your praises and let your kid know that they can still do better. They must also be taught that there are others who can do the same things as they do.

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Let your child take healthy risks

As you step back and let your kids take the lead, do not influence them as they make choices and let them discover what consequences their choices have.

If they made a mistake with their actions or choices, they will be able to analyze what went wrong and resolve it on their own.

Let kids make their own choices

If you let your kids make their own decisions and choices, they feel empowered. They now know that their choices and preferences are ok and know what effects their actions have.

Kids as young as two years old can already make such decisions for themselves. If they made a mistake over their choice, let them learn what it feels and let them correct their choice.

Let them help around the house

Kids like it when they feel that they can contribute despite their age. If you want to boost their self-esteem, let them do small chores around the house like cleaning their toys, setting the table and others.

Just make sure to monitor them in case they need help or to keep them away from harm. But, don’t force your help on them because it will just make them feel bad they can’t do it on their own. Wait for them to ask you for your help.

Encourage them to do what they love to the fullest

A great way to help boost confidence is by letting kids do what interests them.

If they love video games, support them by buying them games that will challenge their mind. If they love to swim, enrol them in advanced swimming classes. If they are given the chance to do what they love, they will feel accomplished once they finish it.

Don’t fuzz over it too much

If your child starts showing signs that they are having trouble with their activities or failed, don’t stress out too much. Mistakes and failures are very important for a person’s development, especially for kids.

When they do fail or find it hard to do something, they can stop, think about what happened and figure out what can be done to make it right. Kids are very resilient and you will be surprised just how well they can correct their performance.

Make clear that your love is unconditional

As your child grows and does various activities, they will definitely hit a roadblock.

They may even fail in one of their pursuits or make a bad decision. When this happens, don’t immediately scold them for it. Kids also feel pressured if you have high standards for them. If you keep it up, they may think that your love has a price.

Let them know that you love them no matter what and help them realize that they can still try again.

Make sure your child’s goals are attainable through their current skills

Some goals are very lofty and for kids, such goals can be difficult to attain with their current skill sets.

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For instance, if your kids show promise in playing basketball, don’t immediately get them to join the big leagues. Start with small pickup games or help them practice.

If you enrol them to the higher leagues, they may feel like a failure if they cannot support their team. Your kids will need all the time and help they could get to succeed and rushing can only discourage them.

Know when to praise your kids

While too many praises can cause kids to lose their drive to strive harder, knowing when to praise your kids can do wonders for their self-esteem.

Whenever they accomplish something, make sure to praise their achievement and cite other things they did. For example, if they are in a band, say something like “It was great seeing you perform happily with your bandmates.” You should also inspire them to keep practising and show why it is very important.

Indirect praises can also do wonders for your kid. If you have family or friends over, make sure to praise your kids when they can overhear it. Just make sure your praise is not too much because it may influence their behaviour.


Kids should be given the chance to explore their talents and strengths. If they are given this chance, it will help them know that they can do great things when they grow older and be confident about their skills. It would also help them take risks and learn from their mistakes.

As parents, we must encourage our kids to keep trying and do things their way. If they don’t, it will disable them from discovering their fullest potential.

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