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Maximize Your Potential by Understanding Learning Styles

Whether students or working adults, we spend a lot of our time in our lives learning new things all the time.

All of us have one or two dominant and preferred learning styles which allow us to learn the most in the shortest time possible. Thus, understanding how we learn is crucial to our success.

For instance, the best tutors and parents know about the different learning styles and use when teaching young children.

There are seven different learning styles. Here, we will take a look at what they are.


Also known as spatial, the visual learning style means that the learner prefers and learns best when using pictures and images. Spatial understanding is also a positive tool for these types of learners. When these children take part in home tuition, their engagement will be higher if diagrams and PowerPoints with lots of pictures are used.


This one is also grouped into the title of “musical” and “aural”. Aural is just a fancy word for auditory-musical, but basically it means you learn best with your ears! Listening is the way to go, which is good news since many teachers in Singapore usually employ lecture type lessons. Music is a fun way to spice things up, and may even be good background noise for leaners of this style.

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Verbal learners are good at speaking and writing. They can use words in way that really expresses their knowledge, but also helps them learn. While some people may be linguistic all around, most either lean towards speaking, a more extroverted activity or writing as a more quiet activity.


Used interchangeably with the word kinesthetic, this learning style is often the most difficult for teachers in traditional school to think of activities catering to these types of children. Therefore hiring a private tutor is the best option. Kinesthetic learners need to move, and learn through doing. Creative thinking it needed to keep these kids engaged and learning to the best of their ability. A good example of this is doing a dissection in science class, or using math manipulatives during math tuition.


The logical learning style is as simple as it sounds: you prefer to use logic, reasoning, and systems. Those who are logical learners are usually best at math, although they can adapt this skill to other subjects once they learn how.


Social learners learn best with other people. They get their energy from the people around them and work well with others. Group projects are fun and collaborate. If a child is more social, perhaps a good option is to sign up with a home tuition agency and ask for a small group setting instead of completely private tuition. Even just two social children can bounce ideas off each other.


Just as some learn best with others, some learn best by themselves. Self-study is the preferred method of review and learning new things. This way can be hard for young children or young adults that aren’t motivated. Others excel with this learning style and have plenty of intrinsic motivation.

To conclude, remember that learning takes place in a variety of ways. It is useful to experiment with other learning styles, which may or may not be more applicable depending on the material being learned.

Hey, if your learning style hasn’t immediately popped into your head after reading this, then take some time to observe and try some new activities out! Perhaps, you will soon start to learn at your true potential!

Rum Tan

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