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What is Science and Why Are You Learning it in School?

25 January 2021

Science is a subject that is taught to Primary 3 students and above. Many students fear this subject as it’s something that is suddenly introduced...

A Look Into the Life of Albert Einstein – Why Learning Science is Important

10 January 2021

Life of Albert Einstein Albert Einstein, a name that resonates in people’s head when they hear the word “Science”. I’m sure many of you have...

8 Mind-Boggling Human Biology Facts to Tell Your Child to Create Interest in Biology

16 December 2020

Is your child a stubborn one who doesn’t want to do anything related to science? Well, it’s very common for children to be uninterested in...

8 Reading Comprehension Strategies You Can Use In Your Exams

11 September 2020

Learning how to read is a challenging skill for many students to learn, especially younger students. As they move from one reading material to another,...

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