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Wuhan Coronavirus: How to Turn This into a Learning Moment

01 March 2020

It is true that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a concern every one of us should look out for in case it spreads in our community....

Chemistry Tuition: Ultimate Guide for Parents in Singapore

24 January 2020

I fondly remember my school days when I curiously fumbled with test tubes and colorful chemicals during a school-based practical assessment. It was fun. But...

STEM Education in Singapore: A Complete Guide for Parents

06 December 2019

There has been so much hype about STEM education in Singapore, but what exactly is it, and why is it important? Since Singapore implemented STEM...

10 Ways to Inspire Your Girl to Love Science

10 June 2019

When you talk about science and technology, many would say it is a male-dominated field. It is rare to see women make a name in...

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