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How OWIS Promotes Scientific Inquiry and Thinking

16 June 2021

One World International School has earned a reputation for being an international school that promotes an inquiry-based approach to education. For students aged 3 to...

7 Top PSLE Science Tips: How to Answer PSLE Science Questions

09 June 2021

The Primary School Leaving Examination is challenging for both parents and students, as it tests children’ academic aptitudes, as well as their resilience and stress...

What is Science and Why Are You Learning it in School?

25 January 2021

Science is a subject that is taught to Primary 3 students and above. Many students fear this subject as it’s something that is suddenly introduced...

A Look Into the Life of Albert Einstein – Why Learning Science is Important

10 January 2021

Life of Albert Einstein Albert Einstein, a name that resonates in people’s head when they hear the word “Science”. I’m sure many of you have...

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