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5 Things To Do At Science Centre Singapore

06 September 2022

[Time Out] The September Holidays are here! This is the week for our children to revise and prepare for their End of Year (EOY) exams!...

5 STEM Projects That Tackle Real-World Problems

19 July 2022

[Adobe Stock] What are STEM projects? They are projects in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and maths(STEM). Sometimes, these projects might combine any of...

5 Science Experiments You can Conduct During Your Tuition Session

18 July 2022

[iStock] As tutors, it is important to make our lessons engaging and fruitful for our students. This is especially so for O level Sciences because...

How To Ignite Your Student’s Interest in Science

19 May 2022

Science is a huge and important subject that entails many key concepts. Students in Singapore start learning Science at Primary 3 and it’s compulsory for...

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