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How To Ignite Your Student’s Interest in Science

19 May 2022

Science is a huge and important subject that entails many key concepts. Students in Singapore start learning Science at Primary 3 and it’s compulsory for...

4 Tips For Your Child to Handle PSLE Open-ended Science Questions

21 August 2021

Your child may face challenges understanding the complex nature of science concepts required to answer open-ended questions during their PSLE exams. This challenge is not...

Why Study Biology? 5 Benefits of Studying Biology for Every Student

21 August 2021

As a parent, it can be very concerning when your child comes up to you to say that they’re not interested in what they’re studying...

Science Tuition in Singapore – 33 Best Tuition Options [2022]

18 August 2021

If you want to give your kid a competitive edge in school – especially in the field of Science – you should consider giving them...

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