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Ways to Increase My Child’s Reading Speed

07 November 2019

For young kids, one of the first subjects they will learn in school is reading. Reading is a good way for kids to learn new...

Introducing Creative Writing to Preschoolers

17 October 2019

One of the subjects many parents like myself find it difficult to teach to our kids is creative writing. Back in the past, creative writing...

7 Tips to use ‘Situational Writing’ to Score Well in N-Level English Composition Writing Exams

11 September 2018

Most secondary students opt to focus on the continuous writing leaving their situational writing to suffer as they take their Paper 1 in the English...

Star Tips For Scoring Economics Essays In Your A-Levels

13 August 2018

In Singapore, one of the hardest subjects for students taking their A-Levels is doing their economics exams. Economics is a very tricky subject to master...

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