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7 Compo Topics to Give Your Students for Homework

07 November 2022

[Depositphotos] English paper one’s compositions (or essays) can be quite difficult for students to practice for. Not only is it difficult for them to self-mark...

4 Ways to Help Your Student Keep to the Compo Word Count

27 August 2022

[Adobe Stock] Why do we have a word count limit in our English compositions? Usually, word counts level the playing field among students. It restricts...

How To Find a Suitable Writing Tutor?

28 October 2021

Writing essays can be daunting for many students nowadays. There could be many reasons such as being weaker in the subject, English. This causes some...

How To Become An Academic Freelance Writer?

22 September 2021

Have you just earned your graduate degree and want to use your flair for writing? Academic freelance writing is a very demanding and lucrative career...

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