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How to Improve Your Students’ Compre Summary Writing

03 November 2022

[Adobe Stock] What is ‘comprehension summary’? It is a question in O level and A level English Paper 2 where students must summarise a section...

Use these ‘Sight Words’ to Guide your Child to Start Reading Early

15 April 2021

It can be daunting to learn all the buzzwords for your children to learn as they learn different words. There are also a lot of...

What Happens If I’m Not Good at English?

05 February 2021

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It’s a language that has had a huge influence on this world due to...

Understanding Different Types of PSLE English Comprehension Questions

07 September 2020

The PSLE is one of the most important exams your children will need to pass in order to get into the Secondary School they want....

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