Must read articles for Comprehension

Essential Tips to Improve Your IELTS Listening Score

22 November 2018

When it comes to taking the IELTS exam, every aspect of your proficiency in the language is tested: from how well you understand a written...

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your IELTS Reading Skills

06 November 2018

  Are you going to take your IELTS exam really soon or considering taking it for work, school, and other things? If it is a...

How To Excel In Singapore Chinese Comprehension

04 June 2018

Passing the Chinese exam largely depends on how well you do in the Comprehension paper, or Paper 2. Your marks in the Comprehension exam make...

How To Prepare For PSLE Listening Comprehension Examination

09 September 2017

The PSLE English paper has three sections: the composition writing section, the reading or oral section, and the listening comprehension section. For the listening comprehension...

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