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The Importance of Teaching Mother Tongue

28 February 2023

[iStock] What is a Mother Tongue Language (MTL)?  An MTL is typically the language you first encountered at birth, are best at, and use the...

Is Tamil a Difficult Language to Learn? Think Again!

15 October 2022

[Depositphotos] Mother Tongue languages have a notorious reputation of being difficult for students to master. This is especially so for Tamil. After all, it has...

Fewer Households Speaking Mother Tongue: How Does This Affect Students?

16 August 2022

[Getty Images] Mother Tongue Language is a complex subject. Whether it is Mandarin, Malay or Tamil, many of our students struggle with mastering the language...

Know Your Language – The Origin of Tamil

24 December 2020

In a multicultural society such as Singapore, there are many languages being spoken across it’s population. Despite being a majority Chinese country, Tamil is one...

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