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8 Tips to Score in Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension

21 July 2020

The PSLE Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension exam is very tricky to pass for many students who need to learn another language on top of mastering...

Proven Tips and strategies to score A* in PSLE Tamil

29 December 2018

The Tamil paper for the Primary level (PSLE) is made up of 3 parts, Paper 1, and 2 as well as Oral. In the first...

Challenges That Parents Have When Teaching Tamil At Home (And How To Overcome Them!)

20 December 2018

Although we do not anticipate those children growing up in Singapore to do any writing in Tamil as English is the main language medium. It,...

Careless Mistakes that Your Child May Make in his Tamil Exams

13 December 2018

The PSLE Tamil Language paper is made up of 3 sections, Paper 1, Paper 2 and an Oral exam. The first 2 segments focus on...

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