Must read articles for Polytechnic

How to Set Realistic Milestone Checks for Your Assignments?

23 February 2023

[Depositphotos] What are milestone checks in projects? Also known as project milestone checks, they are meetings where the group comes together to track the project...

5 Interview Tips for Gen Z in the Workplace

26 December 2022

[iStock] Gen Z—you’re the up and coming new wave in our workforce, and it’s projected that by 2025 27% of the world’s workforce will be...

Planning Your Group Project: Dos and Don’ts

12 December 2022

[123RF] In polytechnic and university, students are expected to take part in many group projects. This is especially so in their final year when they...

5 Tips to Guarantee Your Placement in EAE

10 November 2022

[Unsplash] What is the Poly Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)? It is an aptitude-based admissions exercise that allows students to apply for and receive admission offers...

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