Must read articles for Polytechnic

Dating at a Young Age – The Pros and Cons No One Tells You About!

01 August 2021

Are you falling head over heels over a boy or girl in your school? That special someone who you feel that you’ll be able to...

What to Do if Your Child is Getting Bad Influence From Peers

02 June 2021

Times were much easier when your child is still young and little. When they’re still young and dependent on you, you can control their social...

Ultimate Internship Guide for Poly Students

29 May 2021

  Most final year poly students are required to spend 1 semester interning at a company that has job scopes relating to the modules they...

How to Juggle Between Studies and CCA in Poly

13 May 2021

As you may know, it’s not compulsory for poly students to join a CCA unlike in Secondary School. However, if you’re the type of student...

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