Must read articles for Polytechnic

7 Things You Should Know Before You Enter Poly

04 January 2022

O-Levels ended months ago, you had your fun and received your posting to a polytechnic (poly). Poly life will officially start in about 3 months! ...

My Teen Kid is Dating – What Should I as a Parent do?

11 December 2021

So, you’ve recently found out that your teenage child is seeing someone. You feel doubtful about the relationship. Will it affect their studies?  What if...

What is a Capstone Project and How to Write it?

20 October 2021

Many poly and university students will know that it takes time and extensive research to plan and carry out a capstone project, also known as...

Best Student Credit Cards in Singapore [2022 Updated]

22 September 2021

Student credit cards are gaining popularity in recent years. They provide flexibility in spending, are convenient, and also allow you to have a record of...

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