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Thinking of Joining a Medical Course? Here’s What You Should Know

30 August 2022

[iStock] Many of us students might consider going into medicine when choosing a course in polytechnic or university. After all, there are so many benefits...

5 Things I Wished I Knew Before Starting Poly

22 August 2022

[Republic Polytechnic] There are always some things you wish you knew ahead of time. The times I wished I was a fortune teller and could...

Things You Should Consider Before Changing Courses in Poly

02 August 2022

[123RF] Choosing a poly course is hard. You want a course that you are passionate about and can succeed in. But what if the course...

Types of Group Mates and How to Work With Them

25 July 2022

[StockFreeImages] What is ‘group project’? A project that requires a team to work together to complete and carries the highest weightage in your module or...

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