Must read articles for Polytechnic

12 Best Career Opportunities for Biology Students in Singapore

22 December 2023

[Freepik: pressfoto] Are you wondering whether focusing on biology is the right choice for your career path? Opportunities for biology graduates have expanded significantly over...

Different Part-Time Jobs For Students

05 December 2023

Being a student is tough: you’re studying all the time, and sometimes you just want to help lighten your parents’ financial burden or have a...

How to Set Realistic Milestone Checks for Your Assignments?

23 February 2023

[Depositphotos] What are milestone checks in projects? Also known as project milestone checks, they are meetings where the group comes together to track the project...

5 Interview Tips for Gen Z in the Workplace

26 December 2022

[iStock] Gen Z—you’re the up and coming new wave in our workforce, and it’s projected that by 2025 27% of the world’s workforce will be...

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