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Career Coaching in Singapore

07 January 2023

In Singapore, with thousands of students graduating from the universities each year, there is equally heightened competition in different career fields. Career Coaching is one...

Planning Your Group Project: Dos and Don’ts

12 December 2022

[123RF] In polytechnic and university, students are expected to take part in many group projects. This is especially so in their final year when they...

Is Group Work Really Beneficial For Students?

08 November 2022

[Vecteezy] In polytechnic and university, group work or group projects are emphasised considerably. This is evident from a higher weightage and major projects like Final...

Top 5 Universities In Asia

02 November 2022

Getting a university degree is a norm nowadays, especially in Singapore. Obtaining a university degree will pave way for awesome job opportunities. While employers may...

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