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Guide to Having a Successful Group Project

27 September 2022

[iStock] Why do we have group projects? In school, group projects are used to cultivate 21st century skills (e.g. time management, communication skills and learning...

Thinking of Joining a Medical Course? Here’s What You Should Know

30 August 2022

[iStock] Many of us students might consider going into medicine when choosing a course in polytechnic or university. After all, there are so many benefits...

4 Things to Do When You’re Struggling in University

10 August 2022

Picture: Thought Catalogue Transitioning from Junior College (JC) to university can be extremely stressful for many students. Not only is this because of the change...

10 Best Business Schools To Study Abroad

26 July 2022

Getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Singapore can be tough. Especially since there are limited seats and a high competition rate. This is...

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