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Guide to Music & Art Elective Programmes in Secondary Schools

03 January 2020

School’s not all about academics. It’s also about honing your child’s talents and developing his or her creativity in various areas, including music and art. ...

10 Best History Apps of 2019 to Get Your Child Interested in History

11 November 2019

History is a fascinating subject that kids could learn from. History introduces to them what life was like back in the past, the pioneers who...

5 Ways to help Students Remember Geography Case Studies

28 February 2019

Most students particularly have a hard time as they take geography with tackling the case studies section of their exam. Other students, particularly those in...

How Can I Support My Child In His Social Studies?

10 December 2018

Social studies are among the required subjects your child will have to take in Secondary Three. Thus, in order for you to counsel your Secondary...

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