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5 Ways to Help Your Student Answer Essay Questions

23 August 2022

[iStock] What are essay questions? They are questions that require an answer in sentences and paragraphs. As tutors, many of us are familiar with such...

5 Ways to Make History Lessons Engaging

04 June 2022

[iStock] History is fun. No, truly! It is like a thrilling tale of stories about trust and deception, adventure and exploration. Though, your students may...

Useful Mnemonics Cheat Sheet To Make Memorising For O-Levels Easier For You

28 April 2022

O-Levels require lots of memory work, which is probably one of the toughest and most time-consuming challenges that you face when you’re studying for your...

Tips on Scoring A1 on O-Level Social Studies

16 October 2021

Amongst all the subjects available on the O-Level curriculum, Social Studies would be one of the most likely to take the top spot when it...

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