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Ways to Increase My Child’s Reading Speed

07 November 2019

For young kids, one of the first subjects they will learn in school is reading. Reading is a good way for kids to learn new...

How to Make Effective Notes Matching Your Learning Preference

08 October 2019

As a student, I'm sure you're familiar with note-taking. Over the years, students have asked me "Is there a best method to take down notes"?...

How to Track My Child’s Learning Progress without Exam Grades?

06 June 2019

This year, the Ministry of Education introduced a plan known as "Learn for Life". Under this new plan, students are encouraged to perform in other...

Do’s and Don’ts for Biology Homework Help for Students

02 November 2018

Biology is a branch of science that deals with the understanding of living things and organisms, from the way they grow and change. Many students...

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