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Places to Visit to Learn More About Singapore’s history

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The history of Singapore is an important topic that is taught in our secondary schools. Students learn about World War II in Singapore, colonial rule in Singapore and even the merger with Malaysia!

This National Day holiday, to celebrate and honour our nation’s independence, let us use this opportunity to visit historical places in Singapore!

National Museum of Singapore

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Previously known as the Raffles Library and Museum, the National Museum of Singapore is our oldest museum that has a great collection of exhibits that detail key events and important information about Singapore!

The museum has plenty of displays such as video montages, interactive exhibits, guided tours, art performances, live galleries, and movie screenings. It is a great place to bring your children and enjoy an awesome time together as a family!

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The Battle Box

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Converted from a bomb-proof bunker, this museum is a historical location and a tourist attraction. As you navigate the underground network, you follow the various stages of battle and historical milestones.

The Battle Box is filled with wax figures, moving animatronics, war collections and other artefacts and it is a great place to visit to learn more about World War II in Singapore.

Fort Siloso


Located in Sentosa, Fort Siloso is a decommissioned coastal artillery battery converted into a military museum.

Its key exhibit – the surrender chamber, shows scenes of two surrenders, the British to the Japanese in 1942, and the Japanese to the Allies in 1945, and it uses wax figures to depict these historical moments.

In 2017, the museum was refreshed and was installed with graphics, visual and audio elements to better present the story of the two surrenders.

MINT Museum of Toys

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MINT Museum of Toys is home to the most extensive collection of vintage toys in Southeast Asia. Shelves are lined up with an impressive array of toys, some even dating back to 120 years ago.

If you take the guided tour, you get more insight into the toys and collectables from World War II and Singapore’s olden days. It is a great place to bring children and even family members from the older generations to enjoy this spectacular display of nostalgic toys.

Former Ford Factory


The Former Ford Factory was where the British forces surrendered to the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II and is full of historical significance.

It has been converted into a permanent World War II exhibition, allowing visitors to experience and understand the events leading up to the British’s surrender. It also gave more insight into the Japanese Occupation in Singapore.

National Gallery Singapore

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This Southeast Asian Art Museum is filled with historical artefacts and exhibits. Featuring not only the history of Singapore but also the current issues and progressions in Singapore.

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Immerse yourself in art and culture from Singapore’s early days with exhibits like ‘Siapa nama kamu? Art in Singapore since the 19th century’ and ‘Law of the land: Highlights of Singapore’s constitutional documents’.

National Gallery Singapore also offers exhibitions for children, so if you have young children in your family, you can bring them along.



These are some of the locations in Singapore where we can learn more about our nation’s past. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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