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Essential Info About Combined Humanities in Secondary School

31 December 2020

Secondary Two students moving to Secondary Three will notice that there is a compulsory subject named Combined Humanities. Students will also notice that they will...

5 Ways to help Students Remember Geography Case Studies

28 February 2019

Most students particularly have a hard time as they take geography with tackling the case studies section of their exam. Other students, particularly those in...

9 Best Apps To Motivate Your Child’s Interest In Geography

26 October 2018

Geography is among the few scientific subjects that require in-depth studying. And this can be a challenge for teachers and students alike to make efforts...

Geography Crafts to Young Kids Busy Learning

11 October 2018

Aside from reading, writing, mathematics, and science, geography is a subject your child should be acquainted with because this enables them to know where they...

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