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The Power of Words: Exploring the Benefits of Studying Literature 

03 August 2023

(Pexels - Caio) Are you at the stage in Secondary school where you are required to choose what humanities to take for upper Secondary? Or...

Pros and Cons Guide: Literature Edition

18 March 2023

[Pexels, Ravi Kant] For many people, the idea of taking English Literature as a subject is intimidating.  The way it’s marked isn’t as concrete as...

Essential Info About Combined Humanities in Secondary School

31 December 2020

Secondary Two students moving to Secondary Three will notice that there is a compulsory subject named Combined Humanities.  Students will also notice that they will...

What Parents Need to Know About Language and Literacy Development in Preschoolers

30 August 2020

As parents, we tend to find it difficult to determine what our preschool children need to become literate and proficient in the language. Some of...

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