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Why Study Literature as a Humanities Subject?

08 December 2018

Is your child moving to another grade level and looking into what subjects they could take next year? Are they currently having problems selecting a...

Avoiding Common Errors in Your A-Level Literature Review

29 November 2018

For students tackling their A-Levels, there will be a part of the curriculum that would ask them to do a mini-dissertation to showcase what they...

How to Do Well in your English Literature Class

13 November 2018

It so happens that nearly all students in Singapore detest the English Literature classes. There are numerous essays to write, plays, books, and poems to...

How To Structure An English Literature Essay For Singapore A-Levels

02 July 2018

Writing is one of the earliest skills a student is taught from a young age. However, not all of these students can pick up the...

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