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Primary 1 Free Test Papers

Being the young and cheerful 6-7 year olds, the transition to a formal learning environment can be challenging for these newly-minted Primary 1 students, who were only exposed to learning through play and not primary school tuition. The lack of any Primary 1 examinations may smoothen this transition for your energetic and bubbly children, but as parents, it may be wiser to expose your children to some of our Primary 1 Free Test Papers. Show More

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Primary 2 Free Test Papers

Having been through at least a year of Primary School, your Primary 2 child should now be well-adjusted to the mundane nature of a formal education. With homework, projects and quizzes becoming more and more prevalent from Primary 2 onwards, learning sessions will definitely be prioritised over playtime. Show More

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Primary 3 Free Test Papers

After spending 3 schooling years exempted from any examinations, your Primary 3 child will now finally face their first opportunity in graded examinations, which test their learning and understanding of the syllabus taught. Show More

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Primary 4 Free Test Papers

With Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs) being introduced in Primary 4, your Primary 4 child will now have to find a balance between the increased academic workload demanded by the P4 syllabus, and the reduced hours for learning due to their CCA commitments. Show More

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Primary 5 Free Test Papers

Having a year before their PSLE papers, Primary 5 students are assessed during their P5 Final Examinations on their abilities to cope with their selected subject combination with their examination results. Show More

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Primary 6 Free Test Papers

Reaching the end of their Primary School journeys, the Primary 6 and PSLE year is arguably the most important year of schooling for Singaporean students. Show More

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