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What is PSLE and Why is it Important?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first national examination that all Primary 6 students must sit for at the end of their long six years in primary school in Singapore. Every student is required to be tested in at least four subjects that cover their language, mathematical and scientific proficiency, knowledge and reasoning.

Undoubtedly important for every student’s future, the PSLE results will determine which secondary school they can enter. As such, many parents, students and teachers prioritise the PSLE over everything else in primary school, since it can affect the student’s career choice.

Held annually during October, the PSLE Examinations can be highly stressful for our precious 12-year-olds, however this is a mandatory exam in the Singapore education system. Given the importance of the PSLE, you should familiarise yourself with everything about the PSLE, such as its scoring system, upcoming dates and subjects and syllabus information.

Every small step in preparing for the PSLE can help you get that coveted Distinction for your PSLE subject, pushing you a step closer to your dream secondary school, career and future. Start your PSLE planning, revision and preparation today with our comprehensive PSLE Knowledge Hub!

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Important PSLE Dates and Exam Timetable

Looking to plan for the months before the start of the PSLE Written Examinations? We have gathered all the important PSLE dates and examination timetable from the Singapore Examination and Assessments Board (SEAB) and organised them in our interactive PSLE Calendar here.

Keep track of the upcoming PSLE dates with our PSLE Countdown and familiarise yourself with the examination dates and schedule so that you are well-prepared, well-equipped and well rested to take on the first national examination of your Singapore schooling life!

Date Upcoming PSLE Dates Time
Oct 01 English Language Paper 1
08:15 am
Oct 01 English Language Paper 2
10:30 am
Oct 02 Mathematics Paper 1
08:15 am
Oct 02 Mathematics Paper 2
10:30 am

PSLE Achievement Level (AL) Scoring System

Many parents have lamented that the new PSLE grading system is confusing, especially with the new Achievement Level (AL) scoring calculation. However, understanding the PSLE scoring system is important for all, because you can aim for an ideal score and plan for the best secondary school to enter.

Over at our PSLE AL scoring information page, we have simplified and consolidated all the information you need to learn about the PSLE scoring system. You can also see our latest updated Secondary School Cut-Off Point List based on indicative AL PSLE Scores.

PSLE Subjects and Syllabus Information

Performing well in every PSLE Subject is not simply about aimlessly practicing or memorising every word in the textbook. You need to be strategic and learn according to the syllabus and examination format.

Our comprehensive and detailed PSLE Subjects and Syllabus Information will provide you with knowledge about the common PSLE subjects and their syllabus. We’ve also included their examination format, marks allocation and exam duration so that you can strategise and manage your time properly.

Preparing for the PSLE: Revision Notes & Resources

During intensive PSLE preparations, many parents and students require high-quality and useful notes to help them learn, revise and practice well for their PSLE papers. In order to help you to ace your PSLE, we’ve collated PSLE Notes and Resources from top schools and tutors around Singapore for free download here.

You can use our free PSLE Resources to help you learn the PSLE syllabus, attempt challenging questions to improve your knowledge and practice your exam strategies. With hard work, time management and practice, we’re sure you can achieve your ideal AL score!

Ace your PSLE with Effective PSLE Home Tuition

Are you afraid about your child’s ability to cope with the PSLE exams? Do you need dedicated tutors to help your child achieve better PSLE results?

The PSLE is not a walk in the park for any student. Succeeding in the PSLE requires months of hard work, patience and practice. Most students require more help than the school can provide to tackle the PSLE, such as customised help, special resources and guidance.

Quality primary home tuition can offer you all of them, in the comfort of your house. Get your private PSLE home tutor today and kickstart your child’s preparation for the PSLE.