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Best Languages To Learn In Uni – Spend Those Module Credits Wisely

16 December 2019

Most of the Singapore students often face a dilemma when it comes to learning a new language. If you are also one of them and...

The Best Hindi Movies for Kids to Practice their Mother-tongue

27 December 2018

Children will continue to watch movies whether we like the idea or not. So, why not make use of this to help them learn something...

Learn Hindi Through Music: Kids-Friendly Songs that will have you tapping your feet

17 December 2018

Learning a language is about the multiple and different ways used at one go – its an assault from all directions! Yes, this means homework...

Fool-Proof Tricks to Introduce Your Child to Hindi (and Have Them Enjoy it Too!)

15 December 2018

Using games to teach children makes learning lots fun and enjoyable. As you teach your child Hindi, it is very important for kids to enjoy...

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