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The Importance of Teaching Mother Tongue

28 February 2023

[iStock] What is a Mother Tongue Language (MTL)?  An MTL is typically the language you first encountered at birth, are best at, and use the...

Know Your Language – The Origin of Tamil

24 December 2020

In a multicultural society such as Singapore, there are many languages being spoken across it’s population. Despite being a majority Chinese country, Tamil is one...

5 Reasons to Learn Tamil in Singapore

16 December 2020

Why should I learn Tamil if I’m not of Tamil ancestry?  What benefits could I get if I've mastered the linguistic arts of speaking Tamil?...

8 Tips to Score in Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension

21 July 2020

The PSLE Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension exam is very tricky to pass for many students who need to learn another language on top of mastering...

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