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How Parents can Support Their Children in the Learning of Malay Language at Home

09 November 2018

In the Primary level, children are taught the 4 basic skills of reading, listening, reading and writing. Additionally, there will be more emphasis on the...

How to Increase Active Reading with Post-It Notes

20 October 2018

When your kids start going to school or attending English tuition, they will be asked to read quite a lot of things that sometimes look...

8 Weeks Program to Increase Independent Reading Habits in Primary School Kids

13 October 2018

When your kid comes home from primary school, learning should not stop there especially if you want them to keep thinking and process new information....

Best Bahasa Melayu Apps for Kids to Pick Up Malay Language Quickly

21 September 2018

Play is one way that you can use to encourage children in learning languages. There are many benefits to learning a language using apps used...

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