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What Are The Basic Principles Of Accounting?

02 February 2019

There are several basic accounting principles that have been formulated with the common usage. These principles form the cornerstone upon which the current accounting is...

Debunking the Common Misconception of Studying POA

30 November 2018

The subject of Principles of Accounts (POA) is usually thought to revolve only around numbers. Thus, when a student is good at Math, he should...

How Relevant is ‘O’ Level POA to Real-Life Accounting

23 November 2018

In Singapore, principles of accounts subject is among the subjects that are offered in O-Level exams to secondary school students. The importance of having accounting...

Best Reasons to Study Principles of Accounts for ‘O’ Levels

16 November 2018

It may be that you have been assigned or you deliberately have chosen to study Principles of Accounts as part of your GCE O- Level...

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