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How to use your CPF to pay for University and Poly School fees?

15 July 2019

Universities and polytechnic schools across Singapore are very expensive. For parents, enrolling their kids to these schools is a hard decision to make, especially if...

International Students in Singapore: School Options & Fees

15 April 2019

Navigating the Singapore school system for foreigners can be a very daunting task. There are multiple routes to take, and each one comes with a...

A Comprehensive Guide on School Fees in Singapore

11 March 2019

The cost of living in Singapore has been a hot topic in the news these days. The consensus is that rising costs are a worry...

Private & Group Tuition Rates: Is Tuition Worth it?

04 March 2019

For most Singaporeans, tuition implies that “If someone else has it then I should have. When someone else doesn’t, then I simply should have”. Singapore...

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