Must read articles for Special Needs

10 Bullying Prevention Books for Singapore Parents and Educators

09 January 2021

School bullying is a very common trend in schools nowadays, especially as schools welcome students from various cultures and beliefs. Some cases of bullying are...

Benefits of Teaching Students with Special Needs

18 December 2020

Students with special needs are often overlooked in many countries, including Singapore. Not only do special needs students require more attention and love, teaching them...

6 Ways to Communicate to Your Students with Special Needs

14 November 2020

Every child is unique. Especially for children with special needs who need extra help to showcase their full potential. Some of these children need more...

The Best Preschools in Singapore

06 November 2020

Singapore is known for having one of the most extensive selection of schools for any education level. As parents, choosing from these schools is difficult,...

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