Must read articles for Special Needs

Ebooks vs. Printed Books: Which Will Benefit Your Child More?

30 March 2021

Digital textbooks are becoming common in the classroom nowadays. If you are going to buy books for your child, you have quite a lot of...

15 Early Intervention and Inclusive Preschools in Singapore

18 March 2021

Every child should be given the best education that their country can provide, especially for children with learning or developmental disability like ADHD. Fortunately, there...

Dyscalculia in Singapore: Why can’t I Excel in Math?

20 January 2021

Do you struggle with Math despite putting in tons of effort to understand the concepts and time to practice? Have you been told that you’re...

10 Bullying Prevention Books for Singapore Parents and Educators

09 January 2021

School bullying is a very common trend in schools nowadays, especially as schools welcome students from various cultures and beliefs. Some cases of bullying are...

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