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Schools Merging: How Will This Affect Students?


Many of us have heard of or experienced the 2019 school merges. Where the Ministry of Education (MOE) merged 28 schools, and it seems like they’re back to merge 18 more schools from 2022 onwards.

This is because of the falling population rates and low demand for school placements, leading to excess seats in various primary and secondary schools.

Although it is a logical reason for merging schools, this has led to conflicting feelings among students, where some feel the excitement while others are hesitant about the new change.

How will this affect them? Will they benefit from it? These are some of the burning questions asked, and in this article, we will explore the answers to them.

Schools Merging


Before we get into how the school merger affects our students, it is good to know which schools are merging in the first place.

Schools to be merged in 2022

1. Juying Primary School and Pioneer Primary School

Schools to be merged in 2023

1. Eunos Primary School and Telok Kurau Primary School
2. Farrer Park Primary School and Stamford Primary School
3. Guangyang Primary School and Townsville Primary School
4. Bedok Green Secondary School and Ping Yi Secondary School
5. Chua Chu Kang Secondary School and Teck Whye Secondary School
6. Fajar Secondary School and Greenridge Secondary School
7. New Town Secondary School and Tanglin Secondary School

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Schools to be merged in 2024

1. Fuchun Secondary School and Woodlands Ring Secondary School

How will this affect students?

[Townsville Primary School]

There are many reasons why MOE decided to merge schools. One of them is that it’s supposed to benefit our students by supporting their development and increase their opportunities and options.

Better range of CCAs

One of the key benefits of school mergers is the better range of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). Before, there would be insufficient students and schools decided to cut down on CCAs so that each CCA had sufficient members and schools could maximise resources.

But that changes with school mergers because more students are brought together. This allows schools to open up more CCAs for students so students have more options to choose from, and they also have more funding to develop and build these CCAs.

More options for subject combinations

More importantly, with school mergers come more options for subject combinations for the students. Similarly to CCAs, there was no point in offering many subject combinations and electives.

With the school merger, there is enough funding and applications for various subject combinations. There are also more teachers to teach the different electives.

Students get to choose their preferred subject combinations, so they are more interested in the subjects taught. This leads to better self-directed learning and better results in O levels.

Build their connections

Another benefit of merging schools is that students get to build more connections, whether it is making a new friend or forming a bond with a new teacher too!

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This is beneficial for them during their school experience because they can get help easily and deepen their learning and their school experience.

With more teachers, they get to experience different teaching styles with teachers, and they also get to enjoy their school life with more friends. These connections may also carry on into their futures, where they can rely on these people.

Loss of identity

Of course, loss of school identity is the dreaded result of schools merging. Many students fear the dissolution of their school’s history and heritage, leading to their loss of identity. The school they knew and loved would be absorbed into another, leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

But it seems that many students of these merging schools are resolved to take the memories and their schools’ legacy to their new school. Additionally, some schools plan to dedicate a space in the new school to the history of their original schools!



Overall, the merger is an opportunity for students to have more options and a vibrant and holistic educational experience. However, the fear of losing their identity is still fresh.

This is why the merged schools (or merging schools, for that matter) need to keep the history and heritage of their schools alive as they build a new identity for their new merged schools.

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