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5 Good Apps for Study Productivity


You’ve set yourself a table, organized with revision notes, stationery and exam papers at an arm’s reach. Setting yourself in a comfortable sitting position, you are now in prime condition to study.

What’s that? Your phone is still around? Well if you’ve got those social media notifications turned off, how about keeping it with you? 

Because today, we’re here to recommend the idea of studying apps for your productivity!

Why Do Students Use Study Apps?


Study apps have always been around as a niche for students to use as part of their learning material. However in recent times, study apps have begun to spring off into popularity, perhaps becoming even more mainstream.

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Why are we seeing this trend? For one, classrooms have integrated the use of digital learning for some time now. We’re now seeing the effects of such a country-wide implementation.

From the various opportunities opened for discussion, a distinct increase in interest to learn, and even the exposure to visual and audio materials on demand, learning has now splashed onto a digital platform

It is not uncommon now for students to take initiatives to explore the digital medium in search of better study methods, hence the rise in usage of study apps.

More recently, however, the advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has brought forward a new level of application in our education. And study apps too, have adapted and implemented them for practical use.

But where do you start looking? Worry not, we’re here to recommend 5 surprisingly good study apps for you!

1. Evernote

Keeping study notes on paper has always been the traditional method. But going digital has become convincingly superior over the years.

Take Evernote, an app that goes beyond the capacity to keep notes. Evernote features an extremely clean and concise interface, allowing you to navigate to-dos, tags and clips with ease. And yes, clips! From articles, recipes, pages and images, you’ll be able to store and keep track of everything useful you find online.

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Forgot where a note was? Taking things digital also allows you to search the keywords that you’ve input in order to find your notes easily.

If you find it hard to organize your thoughts, Evernote will be your note-taking solution!

2. Quizlet

Don’t have a tutor? Try Quizlet as your personal coach! 

Feeding your notes into Quizlet allows the app to convert them into useful study materials using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The app will produce flashcards, practice tests and outlines based on the material given, allowing you to digest information in a more interactive manner. 

The app even has a responsive “tutor” using the same AI, helping you review your studies by giving you test prompts, quizzes and even hints when you’re stuck. It’s like you’re studying with a real person!

If you learn better with these various memorization methods, Quizlet can assist you as your study aid!

3. StudyBunny

Want to gamify your study sessions? 

Try a cutesy way of doing so with StudyBunny! Earn “currency” for appropriate study time, and use them to grow and decorate your online companion! That’s right, this app is a token reward system designed with productivity in mind. 

Time spent studying pays you with things to keep the bunny happy. If you’re away, the bunny becomes depressed, urging you to get back to work!

Did we mention that the cosmetics store is updated regularly? Our StudyBunny is truly living the best life for us.

From anywhere between having customizable break sessions, inspirational quotes and ambient study music, StudyBunny is an all-in-one app that greatly raises the motivation for the study session.

4. Padlet

Are you a visual learner? Or perhaps you’re studying with friends? Perhaps you’re in need of charts, graphs and mind maps. A good way to describe Padlet, is a large digital noticeboard that helps with collaboration and eases discussion. 

Featuring a streamlined, user-friendly layout designed for easy navigation, the app practically surfs through all image and video posts perfectly for ideation purposes.

If you like to collaborate or compile canvases of summarized thoughts and notes together, Padlet is a highly-reviewed and proven app for many schools to experiment with!

5. Photomath

Finally, try tackling your mathematics homework with a solve-first approach using Photomath. 

Gone are the struggles of uncertain answers when working on revision papers; merely scan the problems on your device and you’re given the answer. 

Of course, this reverse method also comes along with the know-how, so you can learn at your own pace! You’d be surprised how many alternatives there are to solving answers! 

Use these solving methods as reference, gain confidence in what you’ve learnt, and gradually solve them without the help of the app’s answer keys!

Turn Distractions, Into Tools

From study timers to note-taking tools, flashcard generators and AI-assisted learning, these study apps can offer a range of features that can aid in staying organized, focused and engaged with your studies. 

Give them a try and incorporate good study habits! Perhaps you’ll find your study sessions a little more enjoyable with them now.

Happy studying! To read more about this topic, check out a few of our related articles below.


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