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How to Make Lessons Fun for Teenagers

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Having lessons day in, day out can make things boring for students. To keep them engaged in their learning, it’s important to make lessons interesting for them. 

However, keeping teenagers interested can be difficult, especially when they have many things outside of school work to worry about. 

Still, they need to learn and the best way to aid this is by making lessons fun. 

Here are some tips on how to make lessons fun for teenagers:

Allow Movement

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Just because teenagers aren’t children anymore doesn’t mean that they don’t need their own movement time and break time

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It can be hard to focus when you’re stuck in one position for too long. Unless it’s getting in the way of work, movement shouldn’t be too restricted. 

Even standing up is an option; it helps keep students awake during lessons and can improve focus since it’s a position they’re not used to. 

Don’t Only Use Textbooks

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Essentially, to keep lessons interesting, things have to be changed up once in a while. 

Students already use textbooks and listen to lectures often enough in school. Teaching them with other methods like using technology and hands-on activities helps stimulate their minds more and give them something new to look forward to during lessons. 

You could even use TV shows as a form of education. For example, if your student likes anime, you could use Cells at Work! to teach them biology. 

Having diagrams is important as well as visuals aid in learning and give students something to reference. If the work they’re given is just a bunch of words, that work becomes more boring. 

Let Your Students Choose

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When students have the ability to choose what they study, they will become more engaged in it because it’s what they wanted. 

Even if they don’t want to study at all and were just forced to choose, granting them that degree of autonomy helps. 

Letting your students pursue their interests, even within their school syllabus, makes learning more fun for them. 

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Turn Lessons into Conversations

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For students, learning shouldn’t only be passively sitting there and listening. It’s far more fun if they have the chance to interact

Inspire them to think by asking them what they think on the topic, or ask them questions to invite them to guess the answer. You’ll be making learning more stimulating for them, and it’s easier to learn when the student is actively engaged in what’s going on. 

At the same time, this allows your student to give answers in a space where wrong answers are welcomed the same way as right answers. 

Let Yourself Be the Student

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One of the best ways to revise is to be a teacher, so why not give your students that opportunity? It turns the tables for a bit and gives them the chance to show you what they’ve learnt. 

The student teaching the teacher may be uncomfortable for both of you, but it’s a change of pace that allows your student’s confidence and ability to articulate their thoughts to grow at the same time. 

Having the power for once will be a fun, new experience for your student and it also strengthens the bond between the two of you, which will make future lessons more fun as well as you two will be able to talk more easily. 

At teenagerhood, your student will be mature enough to handle this kind of task, too, and will likely be able to teach coherently. 


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There are many ways to make lessons fun for teenagers. You can come up with your own; you know your student best and know what they will be interested in. 

It’s important to make lessons fun because that makes your students more interested in learning, and lessons will be more enjoyable for the both of you. 

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