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Top 9 EdTech Tools to Enrich your Teaching Process

Educational Technology (EdTech) is rapidly growing globally. With Singapore being academically driven, the country has provided a high-yielding ground for its growth.

If you work as an educator, you know that there’s an extensive array of tools, products, services, and applications developed to offer many functions in education.

Lesson planning software, tools for learning and teaching, home-tutoring platforms, parent-teacher communication apps, professional development qualifications, and revision blogs are available.

EdTech tools have made distance teaching possible because teachers have real-time access to students.

1) Zoom

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Zoom is a great cloud-based learning tool that allows teachers to host virtual lessons with their students. Educators from all levels can use Zoom to ensure students are actively participating in class or for professional development.

Using Zoom is advantageous because it has the Canvas course site where tutors can schedule frequent Zoom lessons.

Additionally, you can record each session and students can rewatch lessons in their free time. Zoom provides an effective and simple format for digital learning.

2) Teamie

Teamie is a social learning network that connects learners, teachers, and parents. It allows educators to create content and assignments easily. 

At the same time, it gives learners the ability to discuss, share their thoughts and ideas. The cloud-based social platform also provides real-time insights on performance and engagement for teachers.

Since its inception, the platform has created a safe and secure environment that makes learning more accessible, more engaging, and fun.

Whether it’s a school or an enterprise training programme, Teamie will ensure learning is a enjoyable experience. You can also access the app through your computer or smartphone and connect with your network from anywhere.

3) Miao

Miao is a Singapore-based DIY app that makes Math classes fun and interactive. Apart from helping your students solve questions, it also suggests similar questions that help students to understand Math concepts better.

It’s easy to use because students just need to take a photo of the question, and the app will do the rest. This EdTech tool supports Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Primary 6 to JC Year 1 Mathematics syllabuses.

Although it mainly covers the Singapore curriculum, you can also find elements from international curriculum such as IGCSE.

The best part about using this tool is that you can use it for free!

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4) Snapask

Snapask is a study app that enables tutors to offer personalised guidance and attention to students. If the questions are complex, teachers can have a 30-minute session with students where they can brainstorm and work out difficult concepts.

Snapask offers learning resources such as practices that are delivered as quizzes so that tutors can assess a student’s understanding. It also provides courses in video formats on concepts and key topics.

5) Doyobi

Doyobi makes it possible for educators to teach coding and Science in an interactive and fun way. Courses on this platform integrate quizzes, videos, and projects, which simplify teaching.

Its guided courses are used in programmes supported by educators from various parts of the world, Singapore’s government, and Google. Doyobi’s objective is to help learners develop a sense of purpose.

6) Geniebook

The online platform leverages real teachers and machine learning to customise each student’s learning process.

Geniebook provides holistic online learning materials powered by artificial intelligence. It’s perfect for Singapore’s primary and secondary schools and can prepare students well for PSLE. 

Their rich library consists of over 150,000 questions that align with Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus. This online platform covers Mathematics, Science, and English subjects. The class comes with engaging quizzes and demos.

GenieAsk is also another excellent product on this platform because it enables teacher-student real-time chat with tutors allowing students to ask questions they didn’t understand in class.

7) LingoAce

LingoAce is a Singapore-based EdTech platform that offers effective, engaging, and authentic language learning to young digital natives.

The platform combines efforts from its teachers, creative designers, and curriculum specialists to engage diminutive learning pegged to a globally accredited syllabus.

The teaching curriculum at LingoAce adheres to MOE’s syllabus, with learning methods customised for up to four learners per session.

8) Kahoot

This game-based online learning platform continues gaining popularity as it provides learning aid in educational institutions and schools.

Teachers can quickly use it to curate questions with multiple choices, which are projected onto large screens giving students the chance to answer them individually.

Students get points for answering questions correctly and in a short time, which encourages them to carry out friendly and enjoyable competition.


XSEED is a super teacher app that enables educators to hold high-quality lessons either face-to-face in classrooms or online. This revolutionary tool incorporates a 5-step teaching methodology that makes each class engaging.

Learning material at XSEED is specific and defined and includes the 5-step experiential teaching method.

  • Aim
  • Action
  • Analysis
  • Application
  • Assessment

“Aim” clarifies what the students will learn, and it is followed by “Action”, which is the hands-on activity based on “Aim”.

This is followed by “Analysis”, where teachers lead discussions for students to think about different activities or experiences. After analysis, students answer questions in a workbook “Application”, which helps them with “Assessment”.


If there’s anything the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us about technology in school, it’s that quality outshines quantity all the time. Education and technology are so much entwined. With so many study apps available, learning has become much more manageable.

Currently, the industry in Singapore has evolved to include personalised learning solutions, gamification, leaner data analysis, and social learning to help students acquire more knowledge adeptly.

EdTech’s phenomenal growth in the nation-state can be credited to an unwavering dedication to education among Singaporean learners.

This has made it possible for teachers to have learning tools that make teaching students more straightforward and fun!

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