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6 Ways to be Super Organised as a Student


As a student, you are expected to excel in your examinations, keep up with school homework, and do well in your Co-Curricular activities (CCA).

Sometimes, it is too much for you to manage!

It is challenging, but there is a way to efficiently keep up with the school curriculum and with less stress. By staying organised! Let us see how you can do that!

Create a routine and stick to it


You develop daily habits when you have a routine as you perform the same activities and actions every day. It becomes automatic and saves time and energy, making your day more productive.

A routine also gives you an idea of the tasks ahead, giving you more time to prepare for it.

Keep a planner


We are all human, and we often overlook tasks until the due date nears. Fret not. You can overcome this by documenting important dates and tasks in a planner. Be it digital or physical.

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Have all your deadlines and test and exam dates on the same sheet. It is more visible and lets you manage your time better.

You complete your tasks before the deadline and feel less overwhelmed.

Create mini mile-stone checks


A little goes a long way, and this applies to studying for your tests and exams. There are times when the amount of content you need to revise is too much to cope with, and it feels daunting.

By creating mini-deadlines and breaking down the content that needs to be studied, you manage your time better and reduce stress.

Do a bit each day to break down the workload and deepen your understanding of the topic.

Overcome procrastination

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Procrastination can be our biggest foe when it comes to doing our homework because homework can get so dry and tedious! But when the deadline gets nearer, we start to feel the “heat”.

Here are some ways to get rid of procrastination:

1) Promise yourself a reward when you start a task early
2) Ask someone to check on you
3) Remind yourself how carefree you will be once you are done
4) Minimise distractions
5) Tackle tasks as soon as you get them

Keep a clean workspace


When you are mugging for the upcoming exams, cleaning is the last thing on your mind. But maintaining a clean workspace is not just about cleaning.

Add fairy lights, scented candles, potpourri. Customise your desk the way you like it can easily put you in the mood to study!

Decluttering makes you less stressed and improves your mental state. Creating an environment suitable for studying helps you focus better and stay motivated to study.

Prepare everything the night before


Ever found yourself scrambling for your textbooks and stationery before you rush off for school?

Well, make it a habit to pack your bag the night before. Then you are more prepared and your mornings are more efficient.

With a great start to a productive day, your stress levels are reduced, and you are in the right state of mind when you head off to school.

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Many students have difficulty staying organised and keeping up with all the expectations held of them. If you are one of them, we hope that these tips help make your school life more organised and easier to cope with.

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