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Feeling Unmotivated? These Productivity YouTube Videos Will Help

YouTube, a worldwide creators’ platform, has many different types of niches to cater for your different interests and needs.

One of the popular types of videos is study productivity content which reaches out to students like you who are hoping to acquire motivation from your strenuous academic journey.

If you ever need a boost to motivate you to study, here are some types of videos that you can search for on YouTube.

Study session videos

According to Know Your Meme, the first known Study With Me video on YouTube was published in 2015. Although it was a simple hand-held footage of a student narrating her study session, the video acquired 57,000 views.

Since then, Study With Me videos have gained lots of popularity and many YouTube creators have documented their study sessions with aesthetically pleasing set-ups and video graphics.

If you take a look at the comments of these videos, you will find many viewers expressing their gratitude to these creators for helping them to get through their motivational drought.

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There are different types of study videos that you can explore to choose the one most suitable for you.

Study With Me

There are the Study With Me videos where YouTubers will record their entire study sessions of different durations for you to choose from, depending on how much time you have to study.

They are usually recorded in their entirety, with the videos uncut, so that you will really feel as if you have a study buddy in real-time. 

If you have a celebrity that you like, you can even try searching up whether they have Study With Me videos. Famous Korean boy band BTS filmed a ‘Study With BTS’ video to motivate their young fans to study, and the video attained 9.8 million views!

Having someone you really admire go through your academic rigour by your side can really make studying a more enjoyable process.

What are some types of Study With Me videos?

Besides pre-recorded videos, there are also live or broadcasted study sessions where there is more of a real touch. These creators are actually studying with you in real-time, across the globe.

You also have options with or without music. If you are one of those who might get distracted by noises and just want the visuals of someone studying with you, the videos with music are for you.

But if you prefer to fully immerse yourself in the experience of studying with someone, those videos with no music will give you the realistic Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) sounds of the studying process e.g. paper flipping and keyboard typing. 

Some creators also use the Pomodoro Technique whereby their study sessions are broken into 25-minute intervals for optimal focus and concentration. If you wish to adopt this technique, you can simply turn on their video without having to time yourself in the boring way.

Study vlog/Study day

Study vlogs are usually filmed when the YouTuber has dedicated an entire day to studying and it would be too long for them to include every second of their session without cuts in the videos.

Instead, they are usually a more concise summary of the creator’s entire day studying which might include attending lessons in school, grabbing a meal, studying at the school library, etc.

More than making you feel like you have a study buddy, study vlogs are motivational by showing you how it’s possible to set aside a day to be really productive and have a healthy yet focused schedule.

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Stationery hauls

If there’s one thing that will definitely excite everyone about studying, it’s stationery shopping. But now, you don’t even have to spend money and time doing the shopping yourself, you can just watch others do them and still feel the excitement of new stationery!

If you haven’t watched a stationery haul before, you might fall in love with it after giving it a try.

There’s just something so satisfying about watching others restock their learning materials. All the brightly-coloured highlighters and pens, the fresh sets of notebooks, the sturdy new backpacks…

It just makes you want to pick up your stationery and do some studying.

Study tips/motivation

Aside from all the visual-filled videos above, sometimes, all you need is to hear from someone pushing you on.

When you’re feeling unmotivated and really wishing someone could tell you what to do, there are study tips and motivational videos in which the creators can speak to you on a closer level. 

Study tips

Being in a motivational drought is a common experience across students from all over the world and some of them have found their own special ways and hacks to motivate themselves and fight unproductivity.

If you are feeling very helpless, listening to these YouTubers may help you to discover study tips that may work for you. 

Motivational videos

There are some creators out there who put in the effort to craft out motivational speeches that can tug at your heartstrings.

These motivational videos will give you the stern voice that you need to remind you of what you should be doing and the reasons that you need to push on for.

If you thrive on being reminded to stay disciplined, clicking on motivational videos once in a while can really help you to stay goal-driven. No sugar-coating, just facts to get you to do what you need to do.


Through social media, we have the opportunity to gain knowledge and find comfort in shared experiences to not feel so alone in our challenging academic journey. 

In fact, when these YouTubers film study videos, they are also benefiting from the ‘surveillance’ that they’re putting themselves through and the drive to film a productive and motivational video for their viewers.

So you don’t have to only watch these videos to get motivated, you can also be a creator yourself!

I hope that these videos will help you to find the motivation that you need to study hard.

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