Blog Tutors Tutoring Tips From Fantasy to Reality: 15 Imaginative Creative Writing Prompts to Spark Student Expression

From Fantasy to Reality: 15 Imaginative Creative Writing Prompts to Spark Student Expression

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Do you find that your students are not able to come up with creative ideas? Or are they not able to express themselves creatively?

Creative writing can be a powerful and effective tool to help them express their creative ideas and expand their imagination.

Here are 15 imaginative creative writing prompts to ignite any hidden student expressions. All of these are not restricted to a certain genre, plot, or character.

What Are Writing Prompts?

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Writing prompts are specific ideas, topics, or questions that inspire sparks of creativity.

They are often used to provide a starting point, so students can then expand the plot based on their imagination. For writers, they can also help them overcome writer’s block and feel inspired.

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They can come in various forms. A word, a series of questions, a phrase, or even pictures. The human imagination knows no boundaries, so one writing prompt can be viewed extremely differently by different people.

People often use writing prompts to start new writing projects, overcome writer’s block, practise their writing skills, or just push themselves out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

15 Writing Prompt Ideas

(Unsplash – Dragos Gontariu)

All of these writing prompts are suitable for students of all ages.

Allocate some time during lessons or outside of lessons to give your students writing prompts like these to spark their imagination and create discussion as a class.

  • You are in the world of superheroes, and you face your greatest fear. Which superhero do you choose to help you?
  • If you were offered the opportunity to make a dish for the prime minister, what dish would you choose?
  • You wake up one day to find everyone else in the whole world missing. What do you do?
  • If you gained the ability to talk to animals, how would you make use of it?
  • Suddenly, everything in the world becomes edible. What do you think will happen?
  • Everyone starts walking upside down; how would that affect your life?
  • What if dinosaurs still existed?
  • You suddenly get abducted by aliens, and they want to know more about humans.
  • You discover a mysterious house that no one else is able to see.
  •  What if insects are ten times our size?
  • You get the chance to live in a different time period.
  • What would you do if you were on a hot-air balloon and it got carried away by the wind?
  • What if you were the only survivor of an apocalypse?
  • What if humans were able to survive in space without any equipment?
  • You are able to speak all the languages of the world, how will this change your life or even the world?


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(Pexels – August de Richelieu)

These 15 creative writing prompts will encourage your students to explore the realm of fantasy and all sorts of possibilities, boosting their creativity and helping them express themselves better.

Don’t allow any restrictions or mocking of ideas in the classroom, as this will lower your students’ confidence and discourage them from expressing themselves.

Together with your students, you can embark on this journey of fantasy and self-exploration!

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