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Your Ultimate Guide to IGCSE Schools in Singapore

Every child is unique and talented in their own way. And as such, it only makes sense that you find a curriculum that offers them the opportunities to flourish in their areas of interest. 

In this regard, I would say that IGCSE is one of the best paths you can choose for your child. This curriculum promotes learning through exploration, encouraging them to investigate issues, develop questions and analyse situations in real life. 

To give you a better picture of what IGCSE is all about, I have prepared a fully comprehensive guide here. In this article, I will tell you what IGCSE is, why you should choose this curriculum, and end the article with a list of the top IGCSE schools in Singapore. 

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is a two-year programme offered for students from ages 14 to 16. This is a globally recognised curriculum that can remain uniform across the world. 

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Designed by Cambridge, IGCSE can be the gateway to higher education or professional studies in your home country or abroad

The main aspect that sets apart this curriculum is that it is application-based, where students are required to understand a concept and encourage creative thinking. 

In Singapore, Cambridge IGCSE is on par with the O-levels, as well as GCSE in the UK. There are over a dozen international schools that offer this curriculum to students. You will be able to find a list of these institutions in the later sections of this article. 

For now, let me give you some more details on IGCSE, and why it might be a suitable option for your child. 

Why Choose IGCSE?

IGCSE allows your child to define their educational path. This curriculum gives them an option to select the subjects that best align with their interest.

Here are a few benefits of choosing the IGCSE curriculum::

  • International Exposure
    Cambridge IGCSE will offer your child unparalleled international diversified exposure right from the school level. The schools and faculties are always part of a global network that shares resources, connections, information and more. 
  • Gateway to higher education
    Studying in a Cambridge IGCSE curriculum-based school serves as a passport to the best universities in the world. 
  • Better career opportunities
    All the top companies value the Cambridge IGCSE qualification and the skills it imparts as an asset. IGCSE students continue to remain a popular pick among Fortune 500 companies and major business conglomerates. 

In addition, when compared to the Singapore GCE O-levels, IGCSE also differs in a few ways. The latter is also more geared towards the practical approach and assessments, giving more flexibility to students. 

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Perhaps, most importantly, IGCSE offers students a wide selection of subjects to choose from. This diversity also extends to languages

When it comes to choosing between GCE O-levels and IGCSE, the decision ultimately comes down to the preferences of your child. If they are interested in pursuing international programmes such as International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), IGCSE might be better suited.

Successful completion of this curriculum allows students to confidently apply for A-levels, or other equivalent pre-university educational programmes. 

With this in view, I have put together a list of the top IGCSE schools in Singapore that you can consider for your child. 

List of IGCSE Schools in Singapore

Are you looking for the best IGCSE schools in Singapore for your child? 

Here are the most popular educational institutions in Singapore that offer the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. 

1. One World International School

HIGHLIGHTSCambridge IGCSE, IB PYP and Diploma
Multiple Campuses
Member of Global Schools Foundation
21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075

Block G, 231 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 397999

27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828649

1 Raffles Blvd,
Singapore 039593
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6914 6700

One World International is one of the top choices among expat families in Singapore. This non-denominational school welcomes children from all cultures, ethnicities and regions. 

The school takes pride in offering a highly personalised education model and nurtures not only academic excellence but also arts, sports and service programmes as well. 

2. Global Indian International School

HIGHLIGHTSSix different international curriculum
Smart and Innovative Learning Environment
Safe and premium quality boarding facilities
LOCATION27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore - 828649
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6914 6700

GlIS is one of the top-rated schools in Singapore, that has developed a reputation by providing multiple curriculums and bringing a global standard to the educational system. 

Since its inception in 2002, GIIS now has branches that span seven countries in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam and India.

3. St. Joseph’s International Institution

Green Campus
Low student-teacher ratio
LOCATION490 Thomson Road, Singapore, 298191
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6353 9383

This international school focuses on providing a value-driven educational experience, within the context of the Catholic faith and local community. They aim to nurture students as global citizens, share common values and have spiritual awareness. 

St. Joseph’s International Institution welcomes students from all faiths and communities and encourages them in the pursuit of achieving their best versions in the real world. 

4. Nexus International School

22 subjects offered
Small classes
LOCATION1 Aljunied Walk Singapore 387293
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6536 6566

Nexus achieves over a 99% pass rate among its students pursuing the IGCSE syllabus. This global school offers tons of extracurriculars for students and, notably, an Olympic-sized swimming pool along with an excellent team. 

There is also a strong art and music program, along with courses offered in design, technology, and more. That being said, the school also gives equal importance to academics and has support staff that speaks over 25 different languages.

5. Winstedt School

Multisensory lessons
Small class sizes
LOCATION1208 Upper Boon Keng Rd, Singapore 387312
CONTACT [email protected]
+65 6715 5373

Winsted is an independent and international school that has led the way for inclusion and progressive education since 2008. The school is known for its small student-teacher ratio – at a maximum of 15 students allocated to 2 teachers. 

Winstead has built a team of teachers, therapists and psychologists to understand the needs of every student and provide them with the best opportunities. Their tailored approach ensures that your child will excel both academically and socially. 

6. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Gifted programme
LOCATION121 Dover Road, Singapore 139650
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6773 1633

The Anglo-Chinese School is known for being one of the best IGCSE schools in Singapore, which bases its ethos on Christian values. The system here focuses on developing students excelling in academics, physical fitness, social and spiritual aspects. 

The school offers a wide range of extracurriculars, and encourages them to participate in voluntary activities with welfare organisations and environmental conservation efforts.

7. Dulwich College Singapore

HIGHLIGHTSCambridge IGCSE, GCSE and IB Diploma
Focus on sustainability and global citizenship
LOCATION71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, 658966
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6890 1000

Set up in 2014, Dulwich is an international school that upholds a British independent ethos. Students begin IGCSE from Year 9, and will culminate in exams at the end of Year 11. Students can then proceed to IBDP which starts in Year 12. 

The College has built a holistic educational structure, accompanied by reward co-curricular programmes. Each student is taught a musical instrument from age seven and is also given opportunities for public speaking and performances. 

8. NPS International School

20 subjects offered
Four Languages
LOCATION10 & 12 Chai Chee Lane,
Singapore 469021 & 469022
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6294 2400

NPS International School engages students using the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. The school creates a foundation of core subjects while adding dimension via cross-curricular activities. 

NPS International is a part of the Bangalore-based institutions in India. The school allows your child to choose from 20 different subjects and has curated a vast collection of teaching materials and methodologies. 

9. St Francis Methodist School

HIGHLIGHTSCambridge IGCSE, Australian Curriculums
10 subjects offered
LOCATION492 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678095
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6760 0889

St Francis Methodist School was established in 1960 and is easily one of the oldest IGCSE schools in Singapore. Today, this institution has built a flourishing international community of students, who are given opportunities to grow holistically and achieve their dreams. 

SFMS offers a variety of routes for students to choose from, and also provides support for students whose first language is not English to become proficient in the subject

10. Furen International School

HIGHLIGHTSCambridge IGCSE, IB PYP and Diploma
Preparatory courses
LOCATION8 Claymore Hill #01-01
Singapore 229572
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6842 6001

Furen International was established as a preparatory school for Singapore’s O-level studies. It has since expanded to accommodate Cambridge IGCSE, and A-levels among others. 

Academic focus is given top priority here; however, FIS helps its students to develop a non-academic profile that gets them admission into the most popular colleges across the world. The school also makes ways for students to partake in social causes. 

11. Hwa Chong International School

Six-year integrated curriculum
LOCATION663 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269783
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6464 7077

A member of the Hwa Chong family of schools, this international institution is highly sought-after among the next IGCSE schools in Singapore.

The school currently hosts students from across 20 countries of the world. However, half the seats are allocated to permanent residents of Singaporeans, as per MOE norms. There is also a strong extra-curricular program and state-of-the-art facilities to support students with their talents.  

12. XCL Word Academy

HIGHLIGHTSCambridge IGCSE, IB PYP and Diploma
Emphasis on extra curriculars
2 Yishun Street 42
Singapore 768039
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6871 8809

As with the other international schools listed here, XCL World Academy also has a holistic approach to education. The school equips children with both academic, as well as lifelong learning skills that will make them agents of their own success. 

XCL also prizes diversity and houses students from over 60 different nationalities. The teachers are equipped to identify each student’s unique strengths and offer them individualised attention. 

13. Australian International School

HIGHLIGHTSCambridge IGCSE, IB PYP and Diploma
Variety of CCA options
LOCATION1 Lorong Chuan Singapore 556 818
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6517 0247

AIS is a part of the Cognita family of schools, which has set up over 70 institutions across the world. This school offers an international-level curriculum right from the primary level, from IBPYP to IGCSE to IBDP. 

Apart from academic excellence, the school is also known for providing a diverse set of extracurricular for students to pick from. To name a few, this includes – Science and Coding, Theatre and Performing Arts, Dance and Drama, Chess and Chinese cultural games, and more. 

14. Eton House International

HIGHLIGHTSCambridge IGCSE, IB PYP and Diploma, Etonhouse ITL
Small class sizes
Several subjects offered
LOCATION178 Clemenceau Avenue #06-00
Haw Par Glass Tower S 239926
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6746 3333

EtonHouse International is among the few schools that has developed an in-house curriculum along with other globally-recognised programmes such as IGCSE, IBDP and others. 

The objective here is to make sure that each student is happy and engaged, which will help them to learn naturally and spontaneously, and develop critical-thinking skills alongside open-mindedness. The school also facilitates a few different CCA programmes to help your child expand their passions. 

15. Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

Small class sizes
LOCATION3 Jalan Ulu Sembawang
Singapore 758932
CONTACT[email protected]
+65 6331 4633

SMMIS accommodates students from 18 months to 16 years old, and focuses on providing a holistic learning environment, shaping their perspective towards the world. This international school is small by design, in terms of its class sizes to ensure that each student gets sufficient attention from teachers. 

The school also provides classes across a wide spectrum of subjects in the IGCSE curriculum. 

How to Choose the Right IGCSE School for Your Child?

There is no doubt that IGCSE is one of the best curriculums on a global scale. That said, no matter how excellent it is in design, it is powerless unless taught in an environment that nurtures your child. 

With this in mind, you should look into the following aspects into consideration:

  • Culture
    It is important to get a sense of the school environment and ethos. This often comes down to personal preferences, based on what kind of values you want your child to pick up. 
  • Extracurriculars
    The type of extracurriculars, as well as the standard of facilities offered, can differ vastly from one school to another. It is helpful to be aware of which activities are available to your child. 
  • Fees
    Since a majority of IGCSE schools in Singapore are international; the cost is also likely to be quite high. You will need to check this considering your budget and see if there is any financial aid available if needed. 

If you need a list of affordable international schools, check them out here. 

  • Student-teacher ratio
    This is yet another aspect that markedly varies between any two schools and oftentimes, even for each academic year. Needless to say, a lower ratio means that your child will receive individualised attention.
  • Location
    You will also need to consider the closest transport options for a school. Most international schools offer school bus services at an additional cost.

Once you have decided which IGCSE school to choose, then it is time to take an in-depth assessment of the curriculum. 

In the next section, I discuss how you can choose the right subjects for your child to receive exposure to a diverse set of subjects.

How to Choose Your IGCSE Subjects?

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum offers over 70 subjects in various combinations. This also includes 30+ languages, science subjects, humanities, and those that focus on creative, technical and vocational skills. 

Choosing the specific subjects will depend on the requirements for further studies in the next two years and the university. For instance, let’s say your child wants to take a science-based programme in the future, then it might be best to consider Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Similarly, Mathematics and English will also be handy no matter which field you choose. 

It will also be a good idea to include a foreign language if you are planning to do IBDP.

If you are unsure of your specific future plans, you can also choose a wide variety of subjects – such as Mathematics, English, Economics, ICT, Business Studies and a Foreign Language.

It is common for students to choose between five to seven or even nine subjects. 

All that being said, the subjects available to you might also depend on your school. So I would suggest that you verify with the school first before narrowing down your options. 

What comes after IGCSE?

Once your child completes IGCSE, they will have the option to choose between International Baccalaureate (IB) programme or go for the A-levels. 

The IB curriculum is yet another internationally accepted programme and, similar to A-levels, can be demanding. However, it will open more doors to your child.

Alternatively, it is also possible to choose a foundational course offered by a university. However, these are designed for specific degree courses and will depend on the path chosen by your child. 

Altogether, it makes sense that you discuss the future possibilities with your child. The levels after IGCSE can set the direction for their career, and it is extremely important for them to consider their aspirations and interests. 

Regardless, IGCSE can give your child a bevvy of opportunities to choose from. 


In conclusion, you know by now that IGCSE comes with a number of perks. The curriculum is designed to stimulate your child’s intellectual curiosity and help them achieve their full potential.

Moreover, Cambridge IGCSE will help your child to recognise their international outlook and gain access to global opportunities. 

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If you would like to explore other academic options for your child, I have put together a few more articles that will help you gain more insight. 

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