SmileTutor Blog Parents Key Decisions 40 Best English Tuition Centre & Home Tuition Options [2022]

40 Best English Tuition Centre & Home Tuition Options [2022]

English is arguably the most important subject in your child’s education. Being good at English helps your child to do well not just in the English language subject but also in other subjects such as humanities.

Not only that but in today’s context, being fluent and confident in English can help your child to stand out in the real world.  

If you are looking for English tuition for your child, then your options are virtually unlimited these days. However, you might have several questions before you decide which option is most suitable for your child’s needs. 

To offer you some insight, we will discuss some of the most popular English tuition options available in Singapore. 

We have also prepared a comprehensive list of the English tutors Singapore has to offer so that you can make an informed decision for the advancement of your child. 

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Let’s get started, shall we?

1. About English Tuition in Singapore

Currently, there are over 900 tuition centres in Singapore. A majority of them offer English tuition for secondary and primary levels., but there are options for JC General Paper and adult learners as well.

No matter what aspect of English your child is weak at – be it writing, reading, or language comprehension, you can find a tuition centre that specializes in it.

However, tuition centres conduct classes in groups. If your child is shy or requires more personal attention, another recommended option is 1-to-1 English home tuition. 

We’ll elaborate more on each option later.

1.1 Why Does Your Child Need English Tuition?

Today, English has become the common language of communication. However, the prevalence of social media and texting are exposing your child to slang, which will reflect on their use of the language in school and professional environments as well. 

By having consistent English tuition classes, your child can learn to differentiate between informal English and proper English.

Learning to read, write and speak better English will go a long way in helping your child to score better in their English exams and help to strengthen their social and professional communications, both inside and outside the classroom. 

1.2 The Demand for English Tuition

Without proper guidance, the concept of English grammar and pronunciation can be challenging for young students in Singapore.

This is especially so when most of society doesn’t speak proper English at all. 

I like to joke that Singlish and Mandarin are the two most common languages in Singapore.

Without a solid foundation, when they grow older, it only becomes trickier to communicate with international counterparts from the US, UK, or Australia

More and more parents in Singapore are realizing this, resulting in an increased demand for English tuition in Singapore. 

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in the number of students enrolling in the English tuition centres in Singapore and calling SmileTutor to request an English home tutor.

1.3 Comparing English Tuition Options

As we mentioned earlier, today, parents and students have various options when it comes to pre-school, primary, and secondary English tuition in Singapore.

To simplify the process, we have divided your choices into two categories: 

  • Private English home tuition
  • English tuition and enrichment centres

To give you a better idea, let us consider each of these options in detail. 

2. Private English Home Tuition

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Choosing a private English home tutor is perhaps the best way to ensure that your child receives the right individual attention

Particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are increasingly preferring a private tutor at home rather than sending their students to tuition centres, where the risks are higher.

2.1 Advantages: Why Home Tuition for English?

The advantages of private English home tuition for your child are multifold. These include:

  • Flexible Schedules
    Unlike the fixed schedules of English tuition centres, a private home tutor allows you to work out a time that works best for both parties. 
  • Individual Teaching
    The most important benefit of private English tuition is that your child will receive 100% of the attention from the teacher. This way, they will be able to proceed at their own pace, as well as arrange for more lessons in case needed, such as any extra preparation needed during the exam periods.
  • Direct Communication
    As you have full access to the tutor and can see them face-to-face at home, you can also maintain direct communication with the tutors and ask questions regarding your child’s progress. 
  • Convenience
    Another highly underrated point is that you and your child can save boatloads of precious time traveling to and fro.
    With home tuition, the tutors come to your place. Your child can use the extra time to study or rest.

2.2 Considerations for English Home Tuition

Choosing a private English tutor in Singapore is not complicated, but you should take some precautions.

Parents should make sure that all the tutors are qualified and that they have sufficient experience in the field. 

If needed, you can ask tutors to send over their certifications so that you can verify the qualifications.  Today, it is even possible to request a trial class to get an idea of whether your child is able to benefit from their teaching methods. 

It might also be a good idea to consider a teacher who has previously worked with a good English tuition centre for secondary and primary students. 

If you’re in doubt, find out more tips on how to prepare for your first time engaging a home tutor here.

2.3 Private English Tutor Rates

While the benefits are many, one of the main reasons that stop parents from choosing this option is the higher rates involved. However, today it has become a lot more affordable to hire a private tutor. 

Tutors charge their rates based on their experience, qualification, and your child’s level. Typically, the average rate of private tutors varies from $25/hour to $80/hour for experienced MOE teachers. 

Here are the latest tuition rates to engage a home tutor for English:

2.4 Recommended English Tuition Agencies in Singapore

1. SmileTutor


Contact: +65 6266 4475, +65 90144201, [email protected] 

If you are looking for a good English tutor to recommend, look no further than SmileTutor. Our tutor-matching service can help you find the best English teacher for your child’s needs in the most efficient manner. 

We have a database of over 50,000 highly qualified tutors who can offer affordable rates to fit your bill. All you need to do is send a request on our website, and within 24 hours, our tutors will get in touch with you. You will not have to pay any agency fees as well. 

Why not try for yourself by filling out our online request form?

You can also view reviews and testimonials from previous students by clicking here.

3. English Tuition Centres in Singapore

The next most viable option is to consider an English tuition centre in Singapore. Now, if you choose this option, you can opt for a full-fledged enrichment centre that offers classes for multiple subjects. Or alternatively, you can decide from one of the specialised English tuition centres Singapore has.

3.1 Advantages: Why choose tuition centres?

Tuition centres continue to be a very popular option for English tuition in Singapore. You can find these establishments across the island.

If you are asking why tuition centres might be advantageous, we have some of the benefits outlined here. 

  • Plenty of Locations
    Regardless of where you live, you will be able to find an English tuition centre near your place. In fact, the best establishments have multiple branches set up island-wide to add to the convenience of parents and students.
  • High Quality of Teaching
    It goes without saying that the tuition industry is highly competitive in Singapore. As such, tuition centres are going above and beyond to ensure that they bring the best teachers into their institutions. Parents can rest assured knowing that their children are taught by excellent teachers. 
  • Curated Curriculum and Resources
    Apart from the teaching staff, tuition centres also bring in academic experts to design their English subject curriculum and study materials. Many centres also conduct their classes in accordance with the MOE syllabus. Moreover, many tuition centres even have a collection of previous exam papers for practice and reference.
  • Engaging Group Lessons
    Although the classes are held in groups, these tuition centres encourage engagement and participation with each other and the tutor.  This will help your child to gain confidence in speaking up amongst a group and build their communication skills. If needed, you can also find
    English tuition centres that offer small class sizes, which will ensure that your child receives more attention. 
  • Lower Cost
     Compared to private home tuitions, this is where tuition centres might come out ahead. The fees charged by tuition centres are relatively lower. However, the more established a tuition centre is, the higher the fees will be. The most popular centres charge double or triple, with long waiting lists of students undeterred by the exorbitant fees.

3.2 Considerations Before Enrolling in English Tuition Centres in Singapore

When looking for the options of English tuition centres in Singapore, parents tend to get bombarded with choices and end up in a dilemma.

To make your decision-making process easier, we have a list of considerations here:

  • Class Sizes
    The class sizes vary widely from one tuition centre to another. While some places limit the size from 6 to 8 students per class, others have up to 30 students! If your child is particularly weak in the subject, you should ensure that your child will
    get enough attention to improve their weak areas in the subject. After all, this is the prime reason why you are choosing tuition for your child. 
  • Make-up Lessons
    As the classes are conducted in groups, if your child misses a lesson, you might want to consider whether the tuition centres offer makeup tutoring. 
  • MOE Registration
    If an English tuition centre offers education for more than ten students, they are required to
    register the firm with MOE. This certification will ensure that a tuition centre is legitimate and has the best interest of its pre-primary students. 
  • Experience and Track Record
    When struggling to make a decision, the best aspect to consider is the track record of the tuition centre. Most establishments feature the grades of their past students to
    showcase their expertise. In addition, you can also check reviews and testimonials from third-party websites to see whether the tuition centre is an ideal fit for your child’s needs. 

3.3 Good English Tuition Centres For Primary, PSLE

Now that we have covered the most important factors regarding English tuition centres, let us help you find a good PSLE English tuition centre for primary students.

Here is a list of the best tuition centres Singapore has for primary students

2. Lil’ but Mighty

Lil’ but Mighty is one of the PSLE English specialist tuition centres that has devised a unique thematic approach to teach its students. Their methods include specific strategies for each section of the paper, as well as an in-house curriculum that is regularly updated to match the assessment formats of MOE. 

Branches: Clementi, Hougang


Contact: +65 8311 6157, [email protected] 

3. The Learning Lab 

The Learning Lab is one of the tuition centres in Singapore that caters to multiple subjects as well as academic levels. As your child is nearing the PSLE exams, the teachers will also help to hone his or her critical thinking skills to efficiently navigate through different exam components and perform to their full potential.  

Branches: Central, East, West 


Contact: +65 6733 8711, [email protected] 

4. The Alternative Story 

The Alternative Story is an enrichment centre that has over 10 years of experience in the educational sector. They have a unique TAS programme that tailors to the various learning needs of students – by giving them access to live lessons, supplementary videos, and assessment books. 

Branches: Ang Mo Kio, Marine Parade, Clementi, Bukit Timah


Contact: +65 6826 2562, [email protected] 

5. i-Creative Learner

Independent Creative Learner is one of the English tuition centres in Singapore that focuses on providing foundational knowledge of the subject to students. Their programmes range from pre-primary to upper primary, with a specific teaching method adopted for different levels. 

Branches: Chai Chee, Clementi, Hougang, Everton Park, Ang 

Mo Kio, Tiong Bahru


Contact: +65 9825 7897,  [email protected] 

6. The Learning Board 

The Learning Board’s English tuition is fully only compliant with the MOE syllabus. The centre offers classes in small sizes of 6 to 10, ensuring that each student receives the optimal amount of attention from teachers. 

Branches: Kembangan, Hougang


Contact: +65 9271 0648, [email protected] 

7. Morris Allen English

Morris Allen is yet another learning centre that sticks to the MOE curriculum and small class sizes. Their specialized primary classes focus on grammar and vocabulary, as well as listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Branches: Bukit Batok, Jurong, Kovan


Contact: +656515 0091, [email protected] 

8. Augustine English Classes

Augustine is one of the renowned English teachers in Singapore who has set up his own specialised tuition centre. The classes are based on a unique teaching formula based on scientific-based and active learning strategies. 

Branches: Marine Parade Central 


Contact: +65 6966 2130, [email protected] 

9. The Write Connection 

The Write Connection is a MOE-Registered English enrichment brand that has multiple branches in Singapore. The centre offers exam-based programmes for primary school students to improve their skills across all elements of the English language. 

Branches: bedok, Bishan, Bukit Timah, Jurong, Punggol, Tampines, Toa Payoh, Woodlands


Contact: +65 6816 0803, [email protected] 

10. AGrader Learning Centre 

A Grader has a team of experienced teachers striving to help students achieve their best in academics. The centre has devised an EverLoop Improvement System that focuses on students achieving mastery of the language. 

Branches: Admiralty, Bedok, Boon Lay, Bukit Gombak, Hougang, Jurong West, Sembawang, Seragoo, Tampines, Yishun, Toa Payoh, Tiong Bahru. 


Contact: +65 9665 1713, [email protected] 

11. Aspire Hub 

Aspire Hub is a well-established tuition centre that offers English lessons along with other subjects such as Maths and Science. Their coaching approach directly aligns with the MOE syllabus and also includes a comprehensive prep for PSLE. 

Branches: Great World, AMK Hub, Hilton Mall, Paya Lebar Quarter, Bedok Mall, Alexandra Village, Bedok Point, Jurong Point, Bukit Timah, Parkway Parade, Seletar Mall, Serangoon, Thomson, United Square, West Mall


Contact: +65 6316 6675 , [email protected] 

12. My English School 

My English School focuses on enabling students to use English knowledge in school and life. The classes are focused on primary level students and come with a free assessment for you to evaluate whether the class is a fit for your child’s needs. 

Branches: Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands, Tiong Bahru, Parkway parade, Novena, Tampines, Jurong East, Jurong West, Downtown East, Northpoint, Wisteria, Potong Pasir


Contact: +65 6567 2374, [email protected] 

13. Jan & Elly English Language School 

Jan & Elly is one of the tuition centres that balance fun and learning for your child. The school is also a partner of Singapore’s Speak Good English Movement and conducts regular workshops that help to improve the spoken English skills of their students. 

Branches: Seletar, Bukit Timah, Serangoon, Joo Chiat


Contact: +659835 1539, [email protected] 

14. LCentral English 

LCentral has designed its MOE-aligned curriculum based on a structured reading and writing programme. The centre also offers exclusive PSLE preparation and individualised feedback for all its students. 

Branches: Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bukit Timah, Jurong East, Marine Parade, Punggol, Serangoon, Tampines, Tiong Bahru, Toa Payoh, Woodlands, Yishun


Contact: +656348 0030, [email protected] 

15. Lorna Whiston

Lorna Whiston has over four decades of solid track record in Singapore’s academic sector. In order to keep things interesting for students, the centre has a different theme each week for the lessons. 

Branches: United Square, Parkway Parade


Contact: +656871 8844, [email protected] 

3.4 Good English Tuition Centre For Secondary, N/O Level

When your child reaches the secondary English tuition level, he or she might already have the foundational knowledge. Then you need a tuition centre that can help them to hone their English language reading and writing skills. And to help them learn N/O-level exam techniques to score well in English.

Here are some of the popular educational establishments offering English tuition for secondary students:

16. EduKate

EduKate is a renowned tuition centre in Singapore that has built a long-standing reputation over the years. To prepare students for English secondary level exams, the teachers regularly conduct creative writing workshops and vocabulary assessments.

Branches: Yishun, Punggol, Orchard


Contact: +65 82226327, [email protected] 

17. SLC Tuition Centre

School of Language and Communication is one of the specialized tuition centres for English and Chinese. The platform caters to both primary and secondary level students, by offering regular as well as enrichment courses. 

Branches: Jalan Pemimpin 


Contact: +65 9058 2091, [email protected] 

18. British Council Singapore 

Choosing British Council for your child’s English tuition will ensure that he or she receives world-class education to master this language. They have specific programmes catering to students in secondary level and junior college to help your child gain proficiency for the real world. 

Branches: Napier Road, Marsiling, Tampines, Toa Payoh


Contact: +656807 1599, [email protected] 

19. EduEdge English Specialists 

EduEdge is headed by Edwin Edangelus Cheng, a former Subject Head of Curriculum head endorsed by MOE. If needed, you can also schedule a one-hour diagnostic consult assessment with the centre’s language specialists to see where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie. 

Branches: Serangoon


Contact: +65 9797 6581, [email protected] 

20. Cognitus Academy

The English syllabus at Cognitus Academy is designed by an ex-MOE HOD and PSLE Marker. The centre has both regular and jump-start programmes for students starting their secondary level. 

Branches: Goldhill Plaza


Contact: +65 8321 8252, [email protected] 

21. Learning Journey Education Centre 

Learning Journey features its excellence in English tuition through video testimonials of its previous students and their success stories. If you need a clearer idea, the platform also allows you to download a free copy of their e-book so you can better understand how the centre approaches its award-winning curriculum. 

Branches: Serangoon 


Contact: +65 6555 1849, [email protected] 

22. Humanities Hub 

Humanities Hub was established in 2012 and had adopted a teaching method that emphasizes the value of good education. All their English tutors have over 15 years of experience and have been with Humanities Hub from the start. 

Branches: Coleman Street


Contact: +65 6264 2236, [email protected] 

23. BrightMinds Education

BrightMinds have a very focused approach towards secondary level tuition with the N/O levels in mind. They cover all essential areas to give students practice in creative writing, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, synthesis, and transformation. 

Branches: Woodlands


Contact: +6563633876

24. Ace English Academy 

Ace Academy’s team is made of experienced ex-MOE teachers. The centre has developed a curriculum that aims to build a strong foundation of grammar and English language skills for your child to score higher marks in secondary level and upwards. 

Branches: Central


Contact: +659757 8406, [email protected] 

3.5 Best English Tuition Centres for JC General Paper, A-level

We also have some recommendations if you are looking for an English Tutor for Junior College in Singapore. 

25. Learners’ Lodge 

Learner’s Lodge is one of the leading English tuition centres with a focused academic enrichment and tutorial programme for junior college students in Singapore. The JC General Paper programme helps to improve the writing techniques and effectively reflect their ideas on the paper. 

Branches: Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Bukit Timah, Kovan, Jurong, Kembangan, Marymount


Contact: +659199 9655, [email protected] 

26. GP Tutors Now 

GP Tutors have a syllabus formulated by ex-MOE teachers to help their students get A-level grades in their General Paper exams. The platform has set up small class sizes and offers complete study materials for assessment and exam prep. 

Branches: Jurong, Bukit Panjang, Upper Bukit Timah, Farrer Road, Buona Vista, Queenstown, Serangoon


Contact: +656475 0624

27. The Academic Workshop 

The Academic Workshop is a tuition centre that can cater to your child’s English language improvement from primary to JC level. They also have an exclusive ‘A’ Level General Paper programme that offers weekly revisions as well as intensive workshops. 

Branches: Winstedt Road


Contact: +656733 5447, [email protected] 

28. Byron Tutorial Centre 

The General Paper syllabus at Byron Tutorial Centre aims to develop students’ language skills by a logical analysis of different situations and arguments using effective communication. They not only prepare your child for exams but also to improve their comprehension of the language to handle in the real world. 

Branches: Clemenceau Avenue


Contact: +656337 5878, [email protected] 

29. The Rational Thinking Learning Centre

TRT is a language Specialist Tuition Centre with a focus on  General Paper and Integrated programme (IP) English. The classes are headed by Mr. Edwin Wong, who has substantial expertise in both linguistic skills from his years of work experience in London. 

Branches: Bishan


Contact: +656909 0001

30. One Tuition Place 

One Tuition Place has set up a dedicated JC General paper schedule to help students who need extra guidance for exams. The programme includes regulus assessments and feedback, including access to various practice papers. 

Branches: Hougang


Contact: +6598639633, [email protected] 

3.6 Best English Tuition centres for IB and IGCSE Level

As your child is approaching graduation from high JC, you might also want to consider preparing them for international educational programmes. The two most important ones in Singapore are the International Baccalaureate(IB) and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). 

If you need further guidance in these, you can get an expert’s counselling from one of the specialised tuition centres:

31. Mindlab International 

Started in 2009, Mindlab International is a Singapore-based coaching centre specialised in Cambridge IGCSE, IBO Certified classes and resources. You can choose to have regular weekly tuition, intensive revision, holiday head start programme, and exam preparation. 

Branches: Orchard Road


Contact: +65 6341 9618, enquiries@mindlab-international 

32.  EIB Tutors Singapore

EIB Tutors has experience of over a decade in the education industry, helping students from Singapore to accomplish their goal of obtaining admissions in international baccalaureate programmes. The centre offers both tuition and advice regarding all aspects of choosing an IB programme and the application process. 

Branches: Carpenter Street


Contact: +6590991775, [email protected] 

33. IB Super

IB Super offers IB tutoring programmes that help students to excel in IB Diploma and prepare them for university education. The classes are designed to be engaging, and creative along with class discussions and real-life applications. 

Branches: Clemenceau Avenue


Contact: +65981 98928, [email protected] 

4. Additional Options for English Tuition

Tuition centres and private tuitions continue to be the most popular methods to get your child some academic help. That said, you also have some other options that can be even more advantageous to your situation.

Let’s explore.

4.1 Good English Tutors to Recommend [Supertutors]

If you are seeking the best English tutor for your child, then you might be aware of some of the Supertutors in the Singapore education landscape.

These are highly successful English teachers who have managed to create an independent brand based on their success in the field. They create a unique curriculum based on their experiences and offer exclusive resources.

As you can imagine, it can be extremely challenging to get your child a spot in these classes, and it can be expensive as well. 

But as they say, a good education has a price to pay.

34. Edmit 

Edmit is the brainchild of Justin Ng, a Harvard honors graduate with excellent experience in the teaching field. He has set up a team of specially-trained teachers that are always available 24/7 to offer any clarifications or answer questions of your child. 

Supertutor : Justin Ng 


Contact: +659773 5994, [email protected] 

Levels: Secondary / IP English & JC General Paper IB Theory of Knowledge

35. Irwin’s Study 

Irwin See is yet another supertutor who has established his own brand in Singapore. His classes specialize in General Paper and come with exclusive study materials that can help your child tackle exams with confidence. 

Supertutor: Irwin See

Branches: Tampines


Contact: +65 9833 3156, [email protected] 

Levels: IP / JC General Paper

36. EDvolution Learning Studio 

Headed by Mr. Jonathan Liew, EDvolution offers a warm and supportive learning environment for students to turn their weaknesses into opportunities for personal development. As a supertutor, Mr. Liew has 12 years of proven experience in established & proven teaching experience in MOE schools. 

Supertutor:  Mr. Jonathan Liew 

Branches: Bukit Timah, Tanah Merah


Contact: +6598431655, [email protected] 

Levels: Secondary English, JC General Paper

37. Augustine Chan 

Augustine Chan is an award-winning educator and General Paper Specialist offering English tuition in Singapore. His approach follows a roadmap and will provide you with all the tools and resources to help you succeed in GP. 

Supertutor: Augustine Chan 

Branches: Bishan


Contact: +658315 8276, [email protected] 

Levels: JC General Paper

4.2 Online English Tuition in Singapore

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the English tuition centres in Singapore have also started providing online lessons to students. In fact, almost all of the establishments listed here have once moved their operations in this format. 

Even though COVID-19 restrictions may not be relevant depending on when you’re reading this article, nowadays, you can often opt for online learning even when tuition centres can welcome students for their on-site classes. 

Here are some English tuition centres that offer online classes at the moment: 

38. Tenopy 

Tenopy is a fully online tuition platform that can connect you to experienced teachers for primary and secondary levels. You can first sign up for a trial class to see whether the teaching methods offered match your expectations. 

Branches: Ayer Rajah Crescent


Contact: +65 9469 6793, [email protected] 

39. Superstar Teacher 

Superstar Teacher is a strategy-based learning platform that offers innovative features to students. They provide video tutoring, auto assessments, and homework help for students through their online lessons. 

Branches: Bendemeer road


Contact: +65 6341 5516, [email protected] 

40. 88 Tuition

88 Tuition is a completely video-based online learning platform for students in Singapore. The centre can arrange for both live lessons or courses taught by superior teachers across both primary and secondary academic levels. 

Branches: Bukit Timah Road


Contact: +65 8811 0009, [email protected] 

5. Specific Considerations for Choosing English Tuition Options

Apart from all the factors we have described above, your child might also have specific needs when it comes to English tuition. For instance, they might be able to manage the day-to-day assignments by themselves but might need additional help during the exam periods. 

5.1 Primary School English (PSLE)

The Primary School Leaving Examinations is one of the most significant exams faced by students in Singapore during their school years. The results can have a huge impact on the future of your child. As such, you will need to carefully consider the following factors when choosing the best PSLE English tuition for your child. 

  • Type of tutoring
    As PSLE exams approach, it might be best to choose live lessons with a private tutor if possible. 
  • Quality of teaching
    You might want to consider a teacher who offers test-based learning strategies so that your child can perform well during the exams. 
  • Time and Duration
    As your child will be preparing for other subjects as well, you will need a tutor that can be flexible with the schedule. 

5.2 Secondary School English (O-level & N-level)

Similarly, students in the secondary level might benefit from more focused lessons as they approach English O-level and N-level exams. Here is what you need to keep in mind when selecting a teacher for your child in the secondary level:

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers
    Secondary O/N levels are getting tougher every year, and you need experts in the subject to guide your child through the process. 
  • MOE Experience
    Tutors who have worked as MOE curriculum teachers before can offer valuable insight into how to approach a test paper and come up with the best answers. 
  • Availability of Sample Papers
    It might also be best to choose a tuition centre that can give your child access to the previous year’s exam papers to help them prepare better for the exams. 

5.3 Junior College General Paper (A-level)

The JC English General paper can be extremely challenging to crack, as it tests not only knowledge of the language but also your child’s analytical skills. As such, you will need to take into account the following factors before settling on a tutor:

  • Teacher Quality
    The most important factor is to assess the educational qualifications and teaching methods of the tutor. As you can see, there are several supertutors who provide specialized classes for JC General paper for you to choose from. 
  • Class Size and Feedback
     As the classes are exam-oriented, it will be best to choose a class size that will get your child individualized attention. 
  • Exam Prep
    You might also want to choose a tuition centre that offers intensive prep courses as the exam date approaches. 

5.4 IGCSE & IB English Tuition

If your child is prepared for the international baccalaureate, it can be challenging to decide which subjects to choose and how to get started with the application. It might serve you best to choose a centre that can not only offer tuition but also help build your child’s profile for the admission process. 

Additionally, many platforms also have partnerships with international universities and might be able to guide you throughout the journey. 

6. Summary & Conclusion

As you can clearly see, when it comes to the top tuition centres in Singapore, you have a myriad of options to choose from. It is only natural that you feel confused about where to begin. 

To sum up, the best approach would be to list out what your priorities are. We have covered all the considerations that you need to account for in this guide. Once you have a clear picture of what your requirements are, it will be easier for you to arrive at your decision.

You can and should also consider your child’s preferences and interests so that they are eager to pursue classes at the chosen tuition centre. 

Hopefully, our guide has helped to clear the mist regarding your available choices. Whether you are looking for a good English tuition centre for secondary, primary, or even JC classes – we at Smiletutor are always available at your disposal.

You can send us an inquiry or visit our homepage to get started on the process. 

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Rum Tan

Rum Tan is the founder of SmileTutor and he believes that every child deserves a smile. Motivated by this belief and passion, he works hard day & night with his team to maintain the most trustworthy source of home tutors in Singapore. In his free time, he writes articles hoping to educate, enlighten, and empower parents, students, and tutors. You may try out his free home tutoring services via or by calling 6266 4475 directly today.