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What is Science and Why Are You Learning it in School?

Science is a subject that is taught to Primary 3 students and above.

Many students fear this subject as it’s something that is suddenly introduced to them when they progress to Primary 3.

Are you one of these students?

If so, fear not!

In this article, I’ll be going through what Science is and why you’re learning it in school.

Read on to find out more!

Deeper Meaning Behind Science

When learning science in primary and secondary schools, teachers often don’t explain to students what “Science” really is. 

They just jump straight into the lessons and expect students to understand and follow along.

So what really is the meaning behind the word “Science”?

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Science is defined as the study of how the physical and natural world works through observation and experiment.

Scientific studies usually include careful observation, hypothesis formulation, and performing experiments to prove hypotheses.

Scientific studies are what help us humans to understand the elements around us, which enables us to use the elements to our advantage and evolve in a steadfast manner.

Types of Science

Science is a very expansive field that covers almost everything around us, including those that are invisible to the naked eye.

In most educational institutions in Singapore, the science courses offered fall under 1 of the 3 main sciences, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

1) Biology

Biology is the study of living organisms and life processes, basically anything that has life.

It teaches us about the life of most living things found on this planet and helps us understand the functions of the organs we’re born with.

Studying biology also enables us to unlock knowledge about diseases that are prevalent throughout human history and how we can develop vaccines and preventive measures.

2) Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of how matter is composed and the reactions that occur when we form new substances.

Studying chemistry gives us knowledge of the chemical composition and structure of the elements found on Earth.

It also enables us to understand the nature behind chemicals that can be used to benefit different areas of human society which includes forging stronger materials for machinery, inventing materials that are resistant to radiation, etc.

3) Physics

Physics is the study of matter and energy which is present all around us such as heat, sound, light, magnetism, etc.

Studying physics enables us to understand the properties and behaviour of invisible forces around us.

Physics also opens up the knowledge to things outside of Earth such as the solar system and galaxies, which allows us to see the connection between everything found within this universe.

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Physical science also helps us to understand natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunamis, and help us come up with safety measures.

This can help save countless lives especially in countries that are prone to natural disasters.

Reasons You’re Learning Science in School

Now that you know more about the meaning behind the 3 mains sciences, let me dive into the reasons why you should take up science subjects in school.

1) Understand the World You Live In

In order for humans to progress, we need to understand the world that we live in so that we can make full use of the things around us.

Most of the advancement made in human history is due to the study of science.

When you study science, you gain in-depth understanding of your surroundings, such as understanding the logic behind push and pull, and why a ball won’t be able to bounce if there’s no friction on Earth.

2) It Challenges Your Brain

Science can be a very complex subject to study and understand.

Have you heard of the 4th Dimension?

Our eyes only enable us to see objects in 3D, but can you imagine how our vision will be like if we can view objects in 4D?

It’s physically and mentally impossible!

The logic behind the 4th dimension requires you to understand all the fundamental aspects of physics and other much deeper theories.

Understanding such concepts is already proven to be quite a feat not many people can achieve.

If you’re someone who understands the theory behind the 4th Dimension, hats off to you!

3) There’s Only Positive Progress in Science

Unlike things like the economy, which goes through inevitable cycles of depression, science helps us to progress forward as humans.

When you uncover more about science and the natural elements around us, it allows the human race to make significant progression.

With each new discovery comes greater advancement for us as we learn to use newly discovered objects to our advantage.

An example of new discovery would be the COVID-19 vaccines.

The first case of COVID-19 was discovered on 17th November 2019 and it has been rampaging on Earth ever since.

It took scientists around 1 year of experiment to invent a vaccine for this pandemic.

With the invention of this vaccine, humans have once again made a step forward and shown progress. 

4) Expansive Career Options

Getting a diploma or degree in science unlocks a huge variety of career options for you.

Here are some examples;

  • Biochemist
  • Biophysics
  • Medical Scientists/Epidemiologist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Anthropologist
  • Archaeologist
  • Environmental Scientist

There are still many more job options available apart from those listed and it would probably take up the entire screen if I were to list all of them. 

And did I mention that most jobs in the field of science have attractive salaries?


Science can be a very daunting subject to study when you’re first exposed to it.

After reading this article do you feel that you know more about this versatile subject?

If so, why not hire a Private Science Tutor and get a headstart ahead of your peers?

Studying Science before your school starts can make it a lot easier for you to grasp the concepts!

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Thanks for reading!

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