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Top 10 Art Classes for Children in Singapore

When there is bad weather or an event that prevents our children from going outdoors, giving them art materials will definitely cheer them up. While doing this can give your child a well balanced life from just purely studies, letting your child do artwork in your home may get messy, especially if they start colouring your walls. It can also be difficult to keep restocking their art materials or finding the perfect art activity that they can do.

If your child shows interest towards the arts, why not get them enrolled in an art class? There are a lot of art classes in Singapore which you can sign your child up and help them to explore different types of art.

Here are 10 of the best art classes in the country:

Art Boot Camp

The first art class you can check out for your kid is Art Boot Camp or ABC.

In this facility, your children will be taught various artistic techniques which will help them develop the right practical skills they will need to perform various tasks. The activities are also leaning towards helping your child develop their confidence levels and self-esteem.

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They will also be guided on how they can see things from various angles and do them properly.

Artary Kids

For parents who want to get their kids engaged in various art activities, Artary Kids is the class they need to be in.

The sessions are filled with a variety of art activities, such as songs, stories, and games, to make sure they are engaged constantly with interesting activities.

The activities are also themed so that kids won’t get bored with them. While they are doing these themed activities, they also get to learn various concepts like the value of patience and skills in the process.

When you sign up your child with them, they will check your child’s needs so that the art activities they will do is fit for their needs.


Artgrain is a special art program that helps children and adults alike to learn more about art.

They have several programmes to fit various aged groups, with their Seedling Art Program tailored to help toddlers as young as 2.5 years old perfect their motor skills and coordination which is usually develop through play. 

Once they are done with this program, they can go up a notch to the Headstart Art Program where kids can explore and learn more about the world around them and show their interpretation through art. Those who show serious potential can progress to the advanced programs so that they can discover their potential.

Artz Graine

Not to be confused with Artgrain, Artz Graine is a perfect facility for children ages 3 and up who want to learn more about art and its various forms. The facility has various programmes for children to sign up for where they can learn certain art mediums and techniques.

For example, they can learn how to work with oil pastels to do mixed art, while those who are older can do sculptures and pottery. If your child is leaning towards taking an art elective like this or wants to take a career in art, the school can also help your child build their portfolios.

One Art Studio

Let your children learn how to showcase their imagination through art with the help of One Art Studio.

In this studio, children from 4 to 12 years old are taught how to use art to express their feelings. They can also interact with others and even collaborate with the works they do.

At the end of each term in the studio, children will be able to show their parents and guardians their works through the term-end art exhibition the studio hosts.

Little Artists

For parents looking for a more focused teaching for their children, they should consider Little Artists.

The studio has a small class ratio that allows kids and art teachers to interact better and let kids master art techniques and mediums. They also have specialised courses in case they show interest in specific art forms like painting or sketches.

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For children with special needs, much like we do, the studio also has great art classes for them to enjoy.


If you want to enrol your toddlers as young as 20 months old, you can try out Abrakadoodle.

In this art school, they will be able to learn art and also develop their self-confidence, listening skills, cognitive and motor skills. They also use safe art materials such as Crayola so that children won’t accidentally get sick if they accidentally eat the crayons by accident.

Hi Art

For many Singaporeans, Hi Art is an institution in the art enrichment industry in the country and it has assisted many children in learning art techniques they can use in art class and in life as well.

They have classes for children ages 2.5 years and up, and they even have lessons in Chinese calligraphy, painting and ceramic work. Adults can also sign up in Hi Art if they are interested in pursuing their art ambition. 

Art Zone

Art Zone has a unique teaching approach that will be perfect for children from various cultures. Teachers will teach them various art concepts in such a way they can understand them in their age and see their importance.

Aside from full-time art sessions, Art Zone also offers craft workshops like mural paintings, papier-mâche and woodwork.

Clay Works

If you want your child to learn from the best when it comes to art, Clay Works is the place to be.

It is considered one of the top art programs in the country and uses various techniques to teach children how to stimulate their creativity, boost their cognitive skills and develop their love for arts and crafts.

Children will also be given a chance to meet other children who share their passion for art through the school.


Art is a gift that must be cherished and if your children show interest to it, don’t hesitate to help them develop it. You will be surprised how your children will use art to show you how they see the world, especially if they can’t use their words to express themselves well.

These 10 art classes will definitely help your children discover their passion for the craft and open other opportunities for them to grow as a person.

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