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5 Educational DIY Activities for Your Toddler

[Pexels, cottonbro studio]

Ever had your child complaining about being bored out of their mind and at a loss for what to do? 

Here are some DIY activities that not only will bring a smile to your child’s face, but will also help them learn more about the world. 

1. Taste-Safe Paint Popsicle

[Pexels, Jill Wellington]

Does your toddler have a habit of putting everything in their mouth? This is a simple recipe to create a fun painting experience that also poses no danger to your child. 

Simply get a cup of white-coloured yoghurt and use food colouring to change it to whatever colour you want. 

You can have different layers with different colours to create a multi-coloured popsicle. Once you’re done with the colouring, use the yoghurt cup as your ice tray and put an ice cream stick in the middle. 

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Last step is just to put the cup in the freezer. Once it’s frozen solid, you’ll have a colourful, edible popsicle that your child can use to colour things and eat at the same time. 

To mix things up, you can also put sliced fruits into your popsicles. 

This teaches your toddler about colours and different fruits!

2. DIY Memory Card Game

[Pexels, Nicola Barts]

A good memory is one of the most crucial parts of people’s daily lives, whether it’s to remember dates for history lessons or just meetings in the future. Whatever the use, a good memory is important, so why not train your child from young?

For this activity, all you require is pieces of paper (they can be coloured, depending on your preference), a child-safe scissors and coloured markers. You need to have two equal stacks of the paper so that you can have matching memory cards. 

After that, just let your child’s creativity run wild and have them draw matching patterns or write whatever word or number they want on each of the cards. 

Lay these matching cards face-down and let your child find the pairs! Every time they don’t find a matching card, both cards should be put back face-down. 

This helps your toddler practise drawing as well as gives their memory a workout. 

3. Sand Balloon

[Pexels, Monstera]

This next activity may create a bit of a mess, but it will be worth it in the end! What you need for this is a balloon, sand and some googly eyes. 

Stretch the mouth of the balloon and pour sand in until the balloon is almost completely firm. You want it to be a bit squishy. After that, tie the mouth of the balloon to keep the sand from escaping. 

All you need to do is stick some googly eyes or other decorations onto the balloon and voila! A fun, squishy puppet for your toddler to play with. 

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While doing this, you can teach your toddler that balloons are stretchy, a fact they will no doubt be fascinated by especially when they try to blow their own balloons. 

Play-pretend with the different new puppets to make use of your child’s creative juices and teach them about new things!

4. Bubble Blower

[Pexels, Pixabay]

Does your child show a fascination with bubbles? Well, the good news is, you don’t need a whole bubble blowing contraption to create your own bubbles. 

All you need for this activity is some hand soap! 

Cover your hands in the hand soap and squish your hands together a few times with your fingers interlaced. Slowly pull your hands apart while keeping your thumbs and index fingers touching to create a window of soap. 

Next, blow through this window to create your own bubbles!

It may take some practice, but it’s fun to learn and simple enough that your child can also pick it up

5. Sink or Float?

[Pexels, Marina Leonova]

Be prepared to get a bit wet for this activity—you’re going to be using a tub of water and you have a toddler, after all!

The only things you need are a tub of water and various other objects that your child wants to test if they will float or sink. 

For example, you can test if a banana and pear will float. The banana will float, the pear will not, but they’re both fruits! 

You can teach your child about other objects that will sink and float as well. This kind of natural discovery will no doubt fascinate them. 


[Pexels, cottonbro studio]

There are many things you can do that will both educate your toddler and entertain them at the same time. What I’ve listed above are just a few of these activities!

Let your toddler explore at their own pace and make sure you both have fun!

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