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The Power of Words: Exploring the Benefits of Studying Literature 

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Are you at the stage in Secondary school where you are required to choose what humanities to take for upper Secondary? Or are you just thinking of picking up a new subject to study?

No matter the reason, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the numerous benefits of studying Literature. Let’s dive into them in this article together!

Improves Reading and Writing Skills

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Throughout the journey of learning the subject, you will read numerous amazing books of different genres and topics. 

This process will slowly transform you into an analytical and avid reader, as you start to pick up frequent habits such as making notes of new vocabulary and writing down your own thoughts about the book

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Additionally, famous English novelist Zadie Smith once said, “Learning to be a good reader is what makes you a writer”, and that quote is as true as it can get. As you read more books, you will be exposed to various writing styles and linguistics. 

This will help improve your writing by applying what you have picked up in those books while keeping it fresh and unique to your own style.

Cultivates Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

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Similar to other forms of art, such as music, Literature often explores human emotions and portrays them in many ways. 

Therefore, when studying literature, you will learn to always put yourself in the characters’ shoes and connect with their emotions

This can make you more empathetic as an individual and improve your ability to guess and understand how other people feel through spoken and unspoken words, which is a much-needed skill in today’s society.

Encourages Critical Thinking

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Literature as a subject is not as simple as you may think, as there are often several complex narratives and themes in books. 

This will encourage you to really pay full attention to the words and develop your own ideas and opinions. 

You may even start to question some processes of life or issues that you would not have given thought to before. 

Furthermore, you will find that you will start to be more open to different ideas and perspectives, basically opening your mind to the world with no restrictions.

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Inspires Creativity And Imagination

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Compared to movies and television shows, reading requires you to create your own scene in your mind just based on the words, with no visual aids. 

You will also be exposed to creative storytelling techniques through the subject and start to appreciate the different unique narratives. 

When your imagination is the only limit, anything becomes possible in Literature. 

Covers Cultural and Historical Contexts

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Through reading and studying the subject of Literature, you will learn that Literature actually covers a wide range of fictional and non-fictional topics. 

Some books even discuss social issues such as gender inequality and give insights into political and cultural norms. 

Additionally, you will get to learn about historical events and traditions that once took place. 

All of these will help broaden your views of the world and give you valuable insights and knowledge of different cultural and historical contexts.


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As you can see, there’s way more to Literature than just a subject that involves lots of words and reading. 

It can not only help improve your writing but also help you grow and develop into an empathetic person equipped with much knowledge on several world issues

So, if you can’t decide on what to study, Literature is definitely one of the top choices!

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