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How To Find a Suitable Writing Tutor?

Writing essays can be daunting for many students nowadays. There could be many reasons such as being weaker in the subject, English. This causes some difficulty for students as they may not feel confident enough to delivery a good essay.

Writing is a skill that requires certain talent but primarily determination and willingness to learn. As dozens of students struggle to identify their writing style and pick a suitable tone, they need someone to guide them. That person could be a tutor or anyone that has experience in writing.

So, what are the best ways to find one, and what you should be looking for? Let’s find out.

Why do You Need a Writing Tutor?

Composition writing starts as early as Primary 1 during the second term. Students are taught to write simple stories based on 4 sequential images. From there, essay writing becomes more detailed and complicated.

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By the time students are in secondary schools, they are expected to be able to write coherently, be creative, and are able to articulate words into their writing. Once you are in tertiary or university education, you will be required to write different kinds of essays. For example, students often have questions about how to conclude an interpretive essay, or how to start it.

There are many websites that provide tips on how to write these essays but some of us just require that extra help from tutoring.

Where to Search for Writing Tutors?

The best places where you should find a proper tutor are your school and the internet. If the educational institution that you are in can’t secure you a proper tutor, then it would be best to search online. Alternatively, you may also consider peer coaching.

Today, there are numerous tutoring sites available. The only thing you need is commitment and desire to work on your improvements. Of course, don’t forget to ask people within your comfort zone about it too. Perhaps they can help you with your writing or know someone who will be able to respond.

You can do your research and carefully pass through the qualifications of the writing tutors before you make a final decision on which one to hire.

Select the One that Meets Your Needs

In order for you to improve on your writing skills, it is important to pick a correct and suitable tutor for yourself.

There are some tutors who might be willing to give you a trial lesson. During the trial lesson, you will be able to determine whether the session is beneficial for you or whether or not the tutor is suitable. Don’t make conclusions too quickly and don’t hesitate to ask your parents or close friends for their opinions.

Some of you may prefer to be taught in a group setting such as enrichment or tuition centres. Look at which option work best for you in terms of productivity and your own expectations.

Consider Your Budget

Whether you are choosing to be taught one-on-one or in a group setting, these classes are not free. Therefore, it is important to have a budget. When you have set a clear budget, make sure that you find a tutor that are able to meet your budget.

Getting a private tutor might be more pricey since you are getting an individualised personal attention. Group tuition is an option you can look at if you have a tighter budget. Due to the ongoing pandemic, online tutoring has also become a common occurence.

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Online tutoring can be a cheaper option to go for. If you are someone who can concentrate during an online lesson, you can most definitely go for it while saving a few bucks.

Make sure you do not exceed your budget as it would be a waste to quit halfway after investing your time and money for the lessons. It has to be an amount that you are comfortable paying for the long run.


Finding a suitable writing tutor can help you in all of your composition or essay writing. A tutor will also be able to identify your writing style, and work on your weaknesses.

I hope that you will consider all these tips in this article and that your writing will improve!

Rum Tan

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