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10 Amazing Books carefully handpicked by SmileTutor to Teach Sight Words to Beginning Readers

Sight words are a great way for children to learn how to read.

It enables children to learn words faster and vocalize them properly. But, teaching sight words can be tricky because there are a hundred sight words that you need to teach and remember. Don’t make the mistakes here when you are guiding your child to read.

A good way to learn sight words for kids is through books since it gives them an example of how the word is used in a sentence.

If you want to try books to help your child learn sight words, here are 10 books recommended by SmileTutor to help you out:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

The title of the book gives you an idea of how it will teach your child sight words.

The question it asks, “What do you see?” are sight words already and the answers also use sight words.

On every page, the question is repeated to help readers become familiar with sight words and the responses to the questions also use sight words.

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Aside from teaching sight words, the book is also a good way to introduce to children new things they have not seen before such as bears.

From Head To Toe

This unique book allows your child to learn about animals and what actions they are doing.

As your child reads the pages, they get to do the same actions done by the animals and be familiar with the words that depict these actions.

You will even be surprised that your child will say “I can do it” as they move to the other pages since it is constantly repeated in the book. They will also learn how to react when certain questions are raised.

Me I Am!

This illustrated book helps readers understand themselves by showing how three different personalities act based on their beliefs and goals.

The book uses a lot of sight words to reinforce the lesson to kids, as well as giving them an idea of how other people are thinking.

It is also a great book for kids to check out to learn more about various ethnicities and cultures.

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is definitely one of the best children’s books in the market.

Created by Dr Seuss, this book teaches students to be creative as the stories are told in a silly way. Your children will learn how to understand words through rhymes and even help them learn how certain words sound the same, how they are spelt and how they differ from one another.

If your child doesn’t want to read the story in a book, there is an audiobook available. Listening to books is one of the best ways to allow your child to pick up reading from a young age, apart from these proven methods. 

I Need a Hug

In the book “I Need a Hug”, children follow the story of a porcupine who is looking for someone who can give her a hug. But, since she is a porcupine, getting that hug is a bit difficult.

The story uses quite a lot of sight words to help narrate the story alongside the visual scenes in the book.

The author also uses rhymes to help kids pick out similar sounding words are a part of great tips to enhance better reading.


In this book, children will get to see all types of homes and how they can talk about them.

Every aspect of the home is featured in the book and often includes sentences where children would have to answer and describe what is on the page.

It is also a good book to teach your kids about new cultures since it features homes from other countries, as well as the people who they can meet when they visit these homes in the near future.

Jump, Frog, Jump

This book is simple when it comes to its premise since it shows a frog trying to escape from different kinds of animals who are trying to eat him.

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In every page, a new animal is introduced and children have to complete a sentence frame that describes the scene and ends with them saying “Jump, Frog, Jump!”

Tug the Pug

If you want a book set that will guide your children through various levels of words and help them become literate step-by-step, you should check out the Tug the Pug series.

The series is divided into three different levels (A, B, C) and each book guides children through sight words, visual story-telling, and plot development.

Every book comes with eleven short stories that are easy to understand for readers.

To help parents, the series includes a Parents’ Guide to help you teach your child as they read the book and extras such as reward stickers that you can give each time your child successfully uses sight words used in the book.

Five Trucks

Like the book “Home”, this book shows different kinds of trucks. It will describe how these trucks are used, what jobs use these trucks, and many others.

It includes a wide variety of sight words, which will also help your child become familiar with how these words are used in sentences. You can even use Post-it notes to remind your child of the sight words that you just learned.

They will also learn more about the various jobs of people who use these trucks in their work.

Elephant And Piggie Books

If you want a book to engage with your students and teach them sight words at the same time, you should get this book series by Mo Willems.

The book features friends Elephant and Piggie as they look at issues kids need to learn like friendship, sharing and personal development. Here are more books on personal development for your kids.

The dialogue between the two characters is entertaining and your child will definitely love to re-read.


You don’t have to stress yourself in finding the right material to teach your child sight words. There are a lot of books in the market that can inspire and entertain your child while helping them learn sight words.

With the books SmileTutor recommended above, your child will become curious to learn more about the book and you will just realize your child is reading even without your help. However, if you are in need of professional help to guide your child to read, please reach out to us.

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