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4 ‘Must-Know’ Tips for Better Reading

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The Importance of Reading

One of the most important things that your child needs to learn in school is how to read. Reading is an important skill and usually directly correlates to your child’s language ability.

Fortunately, it is a habit that can formed from a young age. Children who start reading since young will usually have a strong grasp of the language they read in. They will also gain extensive knowledge on possibly a wide range of topics which will give them an edge in their academics.

However, there is a scary trend in Chinese-speaking families where the second generation do not cultivate the habit of reading English books simply because their parents are mainly Chinese-speaking. This is dangerous because the importance of English in the Singaporean society is becoming more important with globalization, and the younger generation of Singaporeans must learn and become fluent with English.

If you are struggling with English (or Chinese), we encourage you (and your child) to start cultivating a habit of reading. A good reading ability will enable you to learn even more than ever before and it opens up whole new world up to your learning. (And prevent the need for lots of English Tuition!)

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Tip #1 Read a Wide Range of Topics

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One item that your tuition agency tutor will suggest is to read a wide range of subjects. Some kids simply do not enjoy to read because they are not reading a topic that interests them. The best way to find a topic that interests? Read widely! Reading indiscriminately will allow kids to find new topic that they are absolutely excited about.

A good English tutor or Chinese tutor will help give your child the tools that they need to help learn more and read more in a whole gamut of topics, finding areas that they are most interested in. This way, they can develop a love of reading because of these subjects.

Tip #2 Read Deliberately

Once your child has found topics that interests them, encourage and guide them on how to read deliberately. Reading deliberately is something that a tuition agency tutor can definitely help a student with. This is because it is important that students choose their books wisely so that they receive the most benefit from them. Going in-depth into topics allows a young child to engage in his curiosity and encourage him to develop a continuous learning habit. Furthermore, these categories that are studied in depth will likely help them in school in the future. If they have one, their private English tutor can help them decide which types of books are the best to fit their reading needs.

Tip #3 Be Interactive with Reading

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When your child is reading a book with the intent of learning from it, they should not simply read the book from front to finish without taking notes. Instead, They should take notes, ask questions, highlight important parts and anything else that will help them to better understand what the author is saying. To further help develop understanding and retain knowledge, the developing child should ideally have a discussion of the newly read information with their parents or their English Tutor.

Tip #4 Read Biographies of Successful People

There are always people that we look up to that can help motivate and inspire us and one of the things that you’re your child can read is biographies of successful people. Biographies are books that are very meaningful and can teach your child many important life values which he or she will learn from reading the life of someone successful. As your child gets fascinated by the stories depicted in the biography, he or she will learn to follow these role models and develop a strong character that will help him or her in life.


With these 4 reading tips, your child is well on their way to developing a strong reading habit. It is important to start reading from a young age, and it is not too late to hire a home tutor from our tuition agency who can assist and teach your child how to read effectively. It is rather unfortunate that there are many students in Singapore who struggle to read but thankfully, this is one of the particular areas that a home tutor can help a student with.

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A Singapore tuition agency like us offers a great number of home tutors, in all fields of study. If your student is struggling to read, a tutor from us will be able to help your child overcome their reading difficulties and teach him or her valuable tips that can improve their reading skills and put them on the right path for the rest of their education.

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