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How to Land Your Dream Job as a Math Teacher

As someone interested in teaching Math, you can understand its beauty, utility, and benefits. It is a universal language that helps one in day-to-day life. It does not take long for one’s love for Math to become a passion and, after that – a career path.

Becoming a Math teacher can be the most satisfying job. As a teacher, you can find pride in equipping the next generation with logic, cognitive skills, and reasoning.

After all, learning Math is a lot more than just Pythagoras’s theorem and Quadratic equations.

Here is how you can land a job as a Math teacher!

1. Earn the Right Education

It goes without saying that one must be an expert at a subject before they start teaching it.

Hence, there is a need for formal math education to ensure that you undergo enough training and tutoring to have a firm grasp of the subject. Only then can you disperse this knowledge to other minds.

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Formal education is also very important for math teachers seeking a job in teaching. You must explore the minimum education requirements before applying for the positions.

These requirements can also differ on the basis of whether you decide to teach younger or older grades. Of course, educational requirements can differ in various parts of the world.

For example, aspiring Math teachers go through a rigorous training course to ensure they can teach the students beyond the textbooks. It all starts with becoming more interactive with your students.

2. Select a Type of Teaching

Becoming a teacher, let alone a Math teacher, is quite a respectable job in Singapore. After all, our country is one of the most appreciated countries for its brilliant education system in the world. 

That is why teachers from around the world also apply for teaching positions in Singapore and even hire professional CV writers to increase their chances of landing a job.

A Math teacher may teach for 40-44 hours a week on average. However, the hours and weekdays depend on the type of job you select. Here are some types that you must consider.

You can compare these options to see which suits you best to fuel your career goals.

Ministry of Education (MOE)

To apply as a MOE teacher, you will have to first have to get your certificate from the National Institute of Education Singapore (NIE) and go through the necessary training to be qualified.

Being a MOE teacher comes with excellent benefits, including health insurance and time off during school holidays when your services are not needed. Of course, job security is one of the best benefits.

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On top of that, MOE teachers earn about $5000 per month on average. However, it is important to remember that there are limited positions, and the competition can be very high.

International Schools

International schools offer some of the most competitive salaries for Math teachers worldwide. Similarly, international schools also have a lot of benefits in Singapore. These benefits include travel grants and health insurance.

Of course, all these benefits make this position highly competitive. Your salary range can vary based on your experience and the grade you apply for.

Most international schools in Singapore require at least two years of overseas teaching experience from the applicants. 

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is one of the most flexible job opportunities for Math teachers. It is an opportunity for teachers to work outside working hours to give private lessons to students.

These methods can be a great way to supplement your basic income.

Of course, this opportunity can be highly useful for Math teachers as many students need help with this subject outside school.

However, you may have to check with your school to see if you can teach the students outside the school. Some schools may have restrictions that you must consider.

3. Use the Right Resources

Landing the right teaching job can be hard, especially because the field is very competitive. After all, it is a great opportunity for your career to teach in Singapore.

Hence, it is important to utilize your time and resources efficiently. After all, smart decisions play an important role in making you succeed.

You can start by looking for teaching jobs on job portals and websites and exploring different listings. However, it is important to remember that you must apply through the MOE website to secure a teaching job. It is an important step that you may not want to miss out on.

You can also find some amazing opportunities on social media by following the right resources. Of course, the traditional way of finding out about a job through word of mouth is also an option.

A combination of both mediums can yield the most beneficial results for your career in the long run.

4. Polish Your Networking Skills

Any aspiring Math teacher can understand that the competition is quite high when it comes to landing a job. Of course, every aspirant most likely has the same education and, more or less, the same experience as you.

Hence, you need to look into the factors that set you apart from your competitors.

When thinking about growing as a teacher, networking might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, it can be a strong tool for you to find your place in the job market. You can gain so much info and insight for networking as a teacher.

The best thing about networking as a teacher is that you can find a lot of forums and communities to seek guidance.

From applying for jobs to adjusting to the new environment, you can ask any questions and find the right solutions to your problems.


It can be a challenging undertaking to land a job as a Math teacher.

Therefore, you have to give your best shot at every opportunity. 

However, exploring the best opportunities in Singapore can take some time and effort to ensure that every step you take leads to a strong career as a math teacher.

So we hope these steps can perfectly guide you to ensure that you find your dream job as a Math teacher, all the best!

Rum Tan

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