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7 Signs Your Kid Needs a Tutor

Parents always feel it when something doesn’t go right with their kids, especially when it comes to performance in school.

Children might be overwhelmed with their schedules and amount of homework. It is only natural to consider getting a tutor who will help them get on the right track.

It is important to see the signs that a kid needs additional help. After all, students in colleges can ask for help themselves or hire essay writers to assist with their assignments.

But in the case of kids, it is not that simple. So a parent has to be giving more attention and look for specific behaviors that signify the need for professional help. Here are several signs that your child needs a tutor.


Decline in Grades

This is the most obvious sign that something is wrong. If you feel like your kid can do better and their grades start to slip rapidly, it is time to take action.

You may notice that there is a sudden decline in grades on tests or less interest in the school in general.

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If that is what you noticed, you should talk to your child’s teachers and ask about specific problems your child might have.

Maybe some topics are much harder to understand. Maybe there is a lack of focus on specific subjects.

Your child’s teachers can point out where your child is struggling. And this can help you figure out what tutor to hire for your child’s needs.

Learning Disabilities

Another factor that might contribute to bad academic performance is learning disabilities, like ADHD or dyslexia.

They may be quite hard to diagnose, especially in the school environment. There is not enough time for a teacher to give every pupil enough attention.

If you think your child may have different learning needs, or were diagnosed with a learning disability, a tutor is a great option to help the learning for your child. 

The tutor gives all attention to one child and can spot any specific behaviors. And some tutors are specialized in working with children with such learning difficulties.

This is an excellent opportunity for your child to stay on track with other peers and perform as well as they are.

Avoiding School

If your child starts to avoid school, it also might be a sign that something isn’t right.

If there was no such problem before, it means that something makes them uncomfortable or afraid. Maybe it is the lack of confidence in their academic abilities or fear of low grades or it could even be due to various situations in school. 

Your child’s behavior might manifest in different forms. A child starts to say that they do not feel well, call in sick or report sick often while at school. They may also constantly ask to stay home.

When this happens, it is important to have a honest talk with your child to understand their reluctance with going to school. Explain to your child that you are there to support them.



Sometimes everyone procrastinates and postpones their duties. It is normal when it is occasional. But if such behavior is consistent, it might signify that a kid is not able to keep up with homework.

For example, if they start to manage their time poorly and postpone particular projects or assignments till the last minute.

If you spot your kid procrastinating every day and delay homework on a specific subject, it might mean that they need professional help with it.

Constant Confusion/Frustration

This one is pretty straightforward. If a kid struggles with a particular object, they feel constantly confused and frustrated, it shows that they do not understand the topic.

And it is fine, some are better at Math, others in English. But it doesn’t mean that they are perfect at anything they do without additional efforts.

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For many pupils, some subjects are much harder than others. That’s why they get lost in topics and start to perform worse.

It can snowball very quickly. They miss out on one topic, which leads to not comprehending the next one and so on. This will cause your child to lose motivation.

In such a case, it is always good to hire a tutor for this specific subject. Maybe your kid just needs extra attention and more explanations that a school teacher can give.


Lack of Confidence and Anxiety

Problems with performance can lead to lower self-esteem, lack of confidence, and anxiety.

If you spot that your child is always beating themselves for poor grades, it is a bad sign.

If a child feels and says that they are not smart enough or cannot succeed at school, it is time to inspire them.

As a parent, you need to talk to them and explain that having troubles with something doesn’t mean that they are not good enough. And making mistakes is a completely normal and human thing to do.

A tutor can help to boost self-confidence. When a kid starts to get better grades and perform better, they feel much more comfortable in an academic environment.

Less Attention from Parents

Parents of different families have different time schedules. Parents will want to give their children all their attention, but sometimes it is not possible due to circumstances. 

For example, if one of the parents stayed at home, it would be easy to help kids with homework and make sure everything is good.

But if this parent suddenly picks up a full-time job, there is less parental supervision and help with studies.

In this case, it is an obvious choice to hire a tutor. If you see that your kid starts to perform worse and feel less confident, hire a professional to help them with their school assignment.

It is also beneficial, as expert tutors know exactly how to approach the subject and explain it. And parents are not always excellent at all school subjects themselves.

In Summary

Hiring a tutor is a great opportunity to help your children keep track of their performance in school. If you notice that a kid starts to perform worse, the grades are slipping, there is less confidence, and a lot of confusion, it might be the time to call in professional help. 

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