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Top Questions to Ask Your Child’s Tutor at Every Milestone

Getting a tutor for our children is a great way to see how they are fairing at school.

Tutors can analyze how your child learns, adapts to challenges and how well they react during exams, helping us as parents in their educational progress. Tutors can help us determine what steps to take to help our children further. They will also customize your child’s tutoring sessions to make it perfect for your child’s learning preferences.

As parents, it is important to ask your child’s tutor about your child’s academic performance, to ask them at the right time and monitor how your child will grow.

Parents like us can do a lot to help their children with their learning needs and work together with tutors to assist kids. Remain in ignorance, you will be unable to determine if your child is really learning or not.

Here are the questions you can ask your child’s tutor during a certain milestone.

Milestone 1: When Tutoring Begins

Before you enrol your child to a certain school or hire a private tutor, make sure you speak to a list of potential tutors who can help them.

Some parents often have no clue on what they should expect during tutoring sessions. As a result, they do not know how to monitor these sessions properly.

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It is important for parents to get a clear idea of how tutoring will be done, how the tutors will handle your child’s lessons and what teaching methods are used.

Tutors also vary when it comes to what they specialize in and if they are familiar with the program your child will take. If you selected the wrong tutor, your child might not learn well from them.

Here are some questions you can ask:

How will you get an idea of my child’s learning preference and needs?
What can I expect once my child finishes a session?
How can I help my child adapt to tutoring and make them comfortable?
How will you teach my child? Will you use learning aids?
How can you test my child’s progress?
Do I need to do anything to supplement your sessions?

Milestone 2: Before and After the First Test

Exams are very stressful for students and they will react to it differently.

Some students will be able to face it on with studying and ample preparation time. Others may break down and forget their preparations once they are taking the test. A few may procrastinate and answer the test without caring it is important for their grades.

Talk to your child’s tutor about the subjects your child finds difficult to understand. You can also ask why your child is having trouble preparing for their tests and how you can help.

After the test, you can ask the tutor if your child had managed to improve and what areas need to be improved on. You may also discuss what trends showed during your child’s tests.

Here are some questions you can ask:

Which study habits is giving my child problems?
Which study habits they have an easy time to work with?
Do they look nervous or anxious during your review session?
Do they look indifferent about the test or are they motivated to do better?
Which subjects did they find difficult or easy during the tests?
Is there any way I can help my child study during their free time?

Milestone 3: After Your Child’s First School Term

Checking your child’s progress after each term is recommended if you got them a tutor. You can use the time to see if your child’s study habits have changed and if their performance has improved.

Knowing these facts will help determine how to work your next strategy for the next term. It will also help you work on ways to help your child further as they prepare for the next term.

Here are the questions you can ask:

Is my child adjusting well to tutoring?
Have they made any progress during the term?
What areas did they improve on this term?
What areas need further focus for this semester?
How should my child take on the next semester? Which classes should they need to focus on?
How can I help my child prepare for this semester?

Milestone 4: After the School Year

When the school year ends, you can now assess how well your child has fared throughout the year. You can talk to your child’s tutor and review your child’s learning performance and skills.

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You can also use the time to see if your child needs to enrol in a remedial or enrichment class. You can also ask the tutor as well on how your child can continue their studies during school holidays and prep better for the next coming year.

Here are some questions you can ask:

Which areas did my child improve most this past school year?
Are they still having problems in certain areas? Which areas are they?
Which areas can still be improved on?
What goals should my child focus on next year?
Should I enrol my child into enrichment classes?
What can I do to help them retain their lessons during school holidays?
Will holiday tutoring help my child for the next term?

In Summary

Your child’s education is very important and it is important that they soak up these lessons as they grow older.

With the help of a tutor, you will be able to watch your child’s progress and see how you can help them. Don’t be afraid to speak to your child’s tutor about your child’s progress because they will help you out. If there is something you cannot understand about your child’s education, tutors can help you.

With their help, you will be able to help your child grow and ensure they will be able to learn without problems even at home.

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