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Complete List of International Baccalaureate Schools in Singapore

With an IB education, students can figure out who they are, their place in the world and where they are from and ways to make a difference. International Baccalaureate holistic framework is wide and balanced, inquiry-driven and trans-disciplinary. It offers students life skills to make it beyond academics.

An IB education helps build communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills within their cultural awareness as well as international mindedness.

What does this mean for your child? It means IB ensures the whole development of your child. Thus children develop attributes and skills which help them be successful and adaptable members of the global community.

Here is a look at our COMPLETE list of IB schools in Singapore (for a more detailed breakdown of the top-10 schools, click here instead). Let’s dive right in!

Hillside World Academy

The school is a bilingual, multicultural school and offers the IB MYP, PYP and diploma programmes. The PYP is distinctively taught 50 percent in English and 50 percent in Chinese, hence making this school a “truly bilingual” school. Hillside Academy has won numerous recognition and awards for their Chinese education quality.

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Canadian International School (Singapore)

The CIS was founded in 1990 and was known as Canadian Overseas College, but it later changed the name to Canadian International School. CIS’s curriculum is presented within the IB framework which offers Activities and Athletics, Academics, Leadership and Service, Arts and Creativity, Outdoor Learning; students use most school days in the Academic element.

Overseas Family School

The Overseas school offers an intra-curriculum Mother-tongue Curriculum for 14 languages from Kindergarten – following National Programs. It’s a privately owned International school, offering education in the English language for foreigners living in Singapore. It was established in 1991 with about 50 students. Now it has about 2500 pupils from 75 nationalities.

One World International School

One World International School (OWIS) offers the IB PYP, IGCSE and IB DP to students from ages 3 to 18. Their personalised teaching and values-based approach helps to mold young minds into confident, future-ready citizens. With 70 student nationalities on campus, students have ample opportunities to experience diversity and a truly international education at an affordable fee point.

Chatsworth International School

Chatsworth follows the IB education Programme, and students are actively engaged in learning whilst being motivated to think critically and make moves in their own lives. The programme stresses on intellectual challenges, thus promoting students to create connections between their studies in the regular subjects and to the real world.

GESS – German European School Singapore

GESS school follows the English and German IB education curriculum and they focus on offering mother-tongue curriculum for Dutch, German, and Danish. More than 60 nationalities and over 1500 students attend this school. GESS has a new Campus which was opened in August 2018 (this year) at Dairy Farm Lane.

ISS International School

ISS international is one among the few in the world that utilizes the IB education program as its sole education framework and it does not combine the curriculum with other curricula. This school is an Apple Macintosh school, with complete migration computer labs and it was completed by August 2010.

Australian International School Singapore

The school is made up of more than 50 different nationalities, of which 66% come from New Zealand and Australia. Very few Singaporean kids attend this school since the government’s regulations prevent many of its nationals from attending international schools in the country. Students normally stay on average for about 2 – 4 years.

Anglo-Chinese School (International) Singapore

This school offers 6-year secondary and pre-university curriculum where you can take your O-Level (examined by Cambridge Uni International Examinations).

Singaporean students should take mother-tongue subject based on MOE requirements unless they are exempted. Foreign students should take a second language that they choose and should do it at IB level as part of Diploma Programme.

Stamford American International School

Stamford is a co-educational international school. Stamford was launched at the foundation campus in August 2009. that was situated at 11 Lorong Chuan, as their intently designed permanent uni was under construction. Stamford International’s new $300 million school was realized and opened its new doors to students in August 2012.

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Nexus International School Singapore

Nexus offers International Baccalaureate and was founded in 2011. It’s also a receiver of the EduTrust award. In late 2017, Nexus announced that they’d move to their new campus at Aljunied. The new campus is a 12-story development with sufficient space for 1,200 pupils with a large auditorium, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and 2-story library.

Global Indian International School Singapore

GIIS was launched in 2002, with headquarters in Singapore. It has a presence in more than 7 countries and has 23 campuses including those in Singapore. GIIS has opened a digital campus – School Of The Future. They aim to provide augmented reality tools in each classroom to offer your child an edge needed to tackle future challenges.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

GEMS offers IB programmes which center on a balanced curriculum across academics, the arts, and sports. Established in 1959, GEMS Education grew into the Singaporean market and launched its newest IB school in September 2014. GEMS Academy (Singapore), begins with Pre-K to Grade 8. They expanded in 2015- 2017 becoming full Pre-K to grade 12 in 2017.

Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)

HCIS is an International school that follows the English curriculum and focus on extracurricular activities for their students. It was established in 2005 and is part of Hwa Chong group of schools. Half of the school’s pupils are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents, following the MOE curriculum. The rest are international students.

NPS International

NPS International School provides for the all-around, creative development of students. Also endeavouring for academic excellence, this school seeks to offer holistic education for your child. It has an integrated approach with an emphasis on individualised attention for your child, thus helping students to develop and discover their own multiple capabilities.

SJI International School

SJI Elementary follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), that is used in 65 countries in more than 1000 schools the world over. SJI Middle School uses the IGCSE curriculum, while SJI Senior School uses the IB Diploma Curriculum. SJI provides for both local and international students. The first lot of Senior Grade 12 pupils graduated in 2009.

Tanglin Trust School

This is a British based learning school with an international view. The offer English National Curriculum, A Level, both I/GCSE, and the IB Diploma. The English National Program gives the foundation for the offered programmes of study that have been enriched to show the school’s international setting and caliber of students. Read about their entry requirements here.

United World College of South East Asia

UWCSEA is a Member of UWC movement and is the first UWC member of Round Square. They offer programs for K1 – Grade 12, leading to the (I)GCSE for Grade 10 and IB Diploma for Grade 12. The UWCSEA curriculum includes many activities covering arts, (drama, music, visual art), sports, clubs, leadership, special interests etc.

Take away

An IB education develops critical thinking, communication skills and problem-solving in the cultural awareness context and international mindedness. IB education focuses on teaching and learning of concepts and skills that are underpinned by inquiry-driven and student-led approach.

Thus it ensures students in the different developmental stages and with various learning abilities get to grow socially, academically, emotionally, and personally. Thus, the IB education is suitable for all children.

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