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Why are Singapore’s IB Schools So Popular for International Students?

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Singapore as a country is one of the top education choices for people worldwide. It is home to one of the best schools in the world, and an education system that is unparalleled.

In this guide, you will know why Singapore’s IB schools are known worldwide to be the best and how students benefit from studying there. 

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In Singapore, IB schools are designed to allow students to get all the help they need from teachers in the school. They also facilitate students in such a way that they can understand what is required of them and then work hard towards getting there too.

However, many students still struggle with IB programs and are also known to try to get external help for these. For example, a lot of students get IB TOK essay help from online sources when they found it hard to cope. It is important to note that the service is only to be used as a service to avoid plagiarism!

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Benefits of IB Schools in Singapore

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Here are a few benefits of IB schools in Singapore.

1. Self-Directed Learning Curriculum

IB schools in Singapore have self-directed curriculums, which means that students can gain greater insight into what they are being taught. Not just that, but it becomes much easier for them to work their way through things. They can build mental resilience this way. 

The school does not only focus on the theoretical aspect of things but also teaches students to work hard to develop emotionally and socially. With all of this, students become much better equipped to deal with life maturely.

2. Highly Qualified Teachers

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Since the education level in Singapore is already one of the best in the world, the teachers they hire are also highly educated. This means that students get to study under amazing teachers who are great at what they do, and also give students useful tips that help them with their academics. 

All of this points towards conducive learning. When that happens, it allows them to work towards things the right way, which is again, highly crucial for their progress.

3. High University Acceptance Rates

IB schools in Singapore are known to be great worldwide. This means that they are indeed one of the best schools, and higher education institutes actually prefer students who are from these schools. 

We can safely say that students who study at these schools have higher chances of getting into great universities all over the world.

4. Value Added Programmes

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There are several value-added programs as well that help the students to understand things on a more holistic level. This means that students don’t only get to study the things that are part of their curriculum but also many others. 

As a result, students work towards sharpening their minds even more, which is great for them in the long run. It allows them to do things very well, increasing their chances of getting into good schools. The idea is to allow students to be curious learners.

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5. Bridge Programs

Sometimes, if students miss out on some work that has been done in class, they might lag behind. They might find themselves overburdened with work too, and catching up might start seeming like quite a task. 

In such a situation, it is much better for them to find a bridge program that allows them to work towards things in a much better way. Almost all IB schools in Singapore have a bridge program that allows students to learn in a much better way.

Top 10 IB Schools in Singapore

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If you are wondering which schools offer IB in Singapore, here is a list for you. These are the best IB schools in Singapore!

1. Stamford American International School

2. Tanglin Trust School

3. Canadian International School

4. Dulwich college

5. St. Joseph’s Institution International

6. One World International School

7. Global Indian International School Singapore

8. XCL World Academy

9. Overseas Family School

10. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

How to Get into IB Program in Singapore

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Like all other educational institutes all over the world, there are certain requirements that you have to fulfill if you want to be able to apply for the IB program in Singapore. 

You need to have a minimum of 24 points for the IB diploma, while 45 points are the maximum that you can get. 

So if you meet the minimum requirements above and want to get into an IB school in Singapore, then now’s your chance. It will definitely allow you to work towards a better future.

Entering an IB school may seem daunting, but there are sources both online and offline to help you with school if you need it. 

Good luck!

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