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Why You Should Let Your Kids Get Bored Sometimes

Boredom is a dangerous enemy for both kids and adults alike.

Parents like myself would often rush to their child’s gadgets or think of activities to do when they hear their kids say they are bored.

But, there is actually some good in letting your kids get bored and you may be surprised to find out what it can offer to both you and your kid.

Why is Boredom Important?

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways for kids to stay busy. They can play with their gadgets, watch tv, play with peers, and many others. But, when you take out all of these activities, they do not know what to do.

Parents should let kids have a free period and do nothing. It will help them wander and think of ways to be occupied.

Here are some of the benefits of letting kids get bored.


Self-awareness develops when children are at an idle state or when they are bored.

Since the child is not doing anything, their mind can relax a little bit from overstimulation and start responding to ideas and thoughts their mind transmits.

These ideas and thoughts would then help the child get ideas on how they can ease their boredom. They also become aware of what is around them and they can use it to think of ways on how to use it.

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Time management and decision making skills

Children get to learn how to manage time when they have a free period, like in times of boredom.

Your child will have time to determine what is available to them and plan accordingly on what they can do. They will also be able to adjust their activities for the next day so they can prevent the onset of boredom.

When they start settling into their schedule, they will start feeling satisfied and feel at ease.

Some studies even say that people who are able to manage their time wisely are often the happiest. It is also a good skill to learn, especially as they grow older. If one cannot manage their schedule when they start working, they won’t be able to manage their off-time wisely.

Promotes Creativity

Boredom allows the mind to wonder and allow one’s imagination to grow.

This will then lead to creativity and help them think of ways on how they can ease their boredom. If kids are allowed to be bored, they also won’t need to be constantly entertained and allow their minds to rest.

If kids aren’t allowed to be bored, they won’t be able to enjoy various activities that are also rewarding.

For instance, let your kids use their gadgets only give them short-term gratification. But, if they are faced with activities like sports, they won’t feel happy when they win.

Fuels Imagination

If there is nothing to do, kids will be able to let their mind wander and let their imagination run wild.

You will suddenly find your kids making something new, or even invent a game that will keep them occupied. You may even discover your child’s hidden talents when their imagination runs free.

Independence and Autonomy

As your child tries their best to get rid of their boredom, they learn how to engage in other activities and even forget they are alone. They will also learn how to become independent and work their way around their problem without seeking help.

Of course, you should always make sure that your child gets equal chances of being with others and give them company. If not, they may feel neglected or isolated from others.

When you allow your kids to decide on what they can do with their boredom, you allow them to become autonomous. They will now see the beauty of being able to do anything they want and not rely on a routine.

Prevents Overstimulation

Overstimulation can lead to stress and it can be very bad for our psyche. If you allow yourself to be bored, you can let your mind relax for a bit and not do anything. It also lowers down one’s stress. Kids also feel stress and too much mental stimulation can burn them out.

Teaching your kids to enjoy their free time and boredom can help them reach a balance in their daily lifestyle. While it is ok to be productive, you shouldn’t press yourself too hard and prevent yourself from getting some rest.

Powers of Observation

When your child is allowed to be bored and not asked to do anything, they can use the time to observe what is going on around them.

Kids can learn a lot with observation and they can even discover concepts they haven’t been taught about just by looking. Boredom can even help your child interpret what is going on even if they don’t have the entire picture.

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Boredom helps parents too!

When your child is bored, we as parents can use the time to relax and destress.

As parents, you think about a lot of things every day and every free period counts. When your child remains silent due to boredom, let your mind pause for a bit and catch up with your breathing.

You can also use the time to catch up with your partner. Since both of you are busy, any free time is welcome and it can also help you reconnect with them. Some free time brought by your child’s boredom can even help you think about the things you need to do.

Using this time can even help you think about how you can help your kids when they feel bored. If your mind is also overstimulated, you may end up giving your kids the wrong advice on how to go about their boredom too.

Start Now!

If your child often finds themselves bored, it is recommended that you have a list of activities ready to inspire them on what to do. Suggest these activities to them and join them if you also want to unwind.

Boredom is something you shouldn’t be afraid of because it offers a lot of possibilities for you and your kids to explore.

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