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7 Ways Parents Can Support Their Child If They Repeat Junior College

Junior college can be an intense experience. For some students, the academic demands of junior-level courses are more than they’re prepared for.

Some struggle with social pressures or are overwhelmed by their responsibilities. If your child doesn’t get the grades needed to graduate from junior college, he or she may feel devastated. How can you help them through this difficult time?

Here are some tips for parents who want to support their children that have repeated junior college:

Consider All Aspects of their Performance

As a parent, it’s natural to focus on your child’s grades. But you should also look at other aspects of their performance in school. Doing so gives you a complete picture of your child’s achievements and strengths and what they need to improve on.

Look at the whole picture. When assessing your child’s performance, consider all aspects of their performance:
1. Grades
2. Participation in class activities
3. Extra-curricular activities
4. Community service work (if applicable).

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Don’t Pressurise Your Child

Repeating JC can be demoralising, so students need time to work through their feelings about repeating the year. Allow them to take things at their own pace.

You mustn’t give in to your emotions and overreact by pressuring your child into doing something they don’t want or need to do at this point in their life. It will only delay their recovery process and prolong their suffering unnecessarily.

If your child repeats junior college, it’s probably not because they didn’t revise for their exams. It may just be that they panicked or felt overwhelmed at this time. Don’t push too hard on helping them pursue something else.

Instead, give them the space and encouragement needed for them to figure out their path forward and how they improve their grades.

Encourage Them to Form a Study Group

Study groups can be a great way to keep your child motivated and accountable. Studying in groups helps students learn more efficiently by actively engaging in class discussions, listening to others’ questions and explaining problem-solving methods.

Your child will also have access to resources from other students, making them more inclined to stay on top of things.

Make sure that the space where they conduct these study sessions is quiet and comfortable so everyone can focus on what they study during each session.

Also, ensure that the area is free from distractions like the television or computers because these devices can easily distract students during their meeting time.

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Additionally, this encourages them to work together. Whether they’re revising for their exams or working on a class project, working in a study group helps children develop social skills, improve their academic performance, and build confidence.

Don’t Make Them Feel Less

It’s normal to feel disappointed when your child fails their exam. But instead of criticising or making negative comments about their performance, try to focus on ways they can improve, such as:

1. Supporting and encouraging your child after they repeat junior college
2. Not sharing their personal information with others without their consent
3. Promoting the positive aspects of their life and not focusing on the negative aspects.
4. Be patient and understanding when they’re not sure how to proceed with their plans or how to deal with specific situations.

Give Them Space

When your child repeats junior college, they might need the time and space to gather their thoughts and feelings. The first thing you need to do is give them space. Don’t push them to talk about it because they’re likely not comfortable with their situation.

Even if they wanted to confide in you, most would be too embarrassed to express their feelings. Offer your support without making them feel like they must share every detail of their life with you. Offer your support without making them feel like they must share every detail of their life with you.

Instead of asking questions or offering advice, try offering a listening ear when your child does open up about how they feel after repeating junior college. Let them know that you’re there for them if they need anything.

Be Patient with Yourself and Others Around You

Don’t give up hope if you’re overwhelmed by the situation or tempted to throw in the towel. Perhaps it’s time to consider getting help from a tutor who can help your child develop better study habits and understand complex concepts.

Don’t be too critical or lenient when helping them through this phase—you don’t want to add pressure or make it harder. Remember that this experience could help teach your child valuable life lessons about perseverance and self-confidence as they continue pursuing higher education in the future.

Encourage Them Every Chance You Get

Make sure your child knows that whatever they are going through doesn’t change your love for them or your belief in their abilities as students. Remind them regularly how proud you are of everything they’ve accomplished in life, including getting admission into junior college.

Your child may feel like this setback has affected their academic progress but encouraging them every chance you get will help them maintain their confidence and focus on the positive aspects of their life.


When your child repeats Junior College, the first thing you should do is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. This is because they might be feeling bad about themselves and their decisions.

However, you mustn’t make them feel worse by pointing out every mistake they made or being judgmental of their actions.

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