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Best 7 Items for Study Sessions


Are you tired of aimlessly flipping through textbooks during your study sessions? Do you find yourself daydreaming about snacks and Netflix instead of focusing on your studies? 

Fear not, my fellow procrastinators, as I’ve scoured the internet for the seven best items to help you stay on track during your next study session. Whether it’s time-management tools or brain-boosting snacks, this article has got you covered. 

So sit back, relax, and let’s clear that checklist (while maybe indulging in a few snacks along the way)!

1. Ample Cushions


Even the slightest of discomfort can cause your attention to waver. Take preventive measures against sore buttocks from those long hours with a comfy chair or bean bag to help keep a correct posture and alleviate back or neck pain.

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A coccyx cushion can be the ergonomic solution to your numbing glutes; with a cost ranging anywhere from $15 to $50, the protective foam can be a considerably cost-efficient method to keep you going through those lengthy study sessions.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones/Earphones


Tune out distractions and street noise with noise-canceling headphones, playing soothing music to keep the mind relaxed while studying.

These earcups aren’t just designed for audiophiles; students who need a quiet space for studying can appreciate the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology of one like the Sony WF-1000XM4. Push out unwanted noise and focus only on the chill tunes in your playlist.

3. Mini Whiteboard


You’ve seen your tutors and teachers use them in classrooms. After all, a whiteboard can be very useful for visualizing and organizing your ideas, and it’s also easy to amend if you make mistakes.

Creating mind maps is made easier, and also one type of visual learning style.

But as a student, bringing around a mini-sized whiteboard is more than sufficient. You can look for A4-sized whiteboards so that they’ll fit nicely into your backpack.

4. Colored Notes and Markers


Sticky notes and highlighters, markers or pens of varying colors are great sets for making notes, bookmarks, or reminders if you’re struggling with memorizing large chunks of information. Learn through color association so you can remember important points in your study.

4. Fidget Toys


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Give your body a physical outlet, or fidget toy, to redirect your attention to instead of fiddling with your phone in between breaks. This way, your thoughts don’t get interrupted unnecessarily from a YouTube video, but instead helps circulate and digest those math equations.

5. Timer


A timer, or a phone app for time management can assist with practice on time delegation and allocation, especially when you’re working on a mock paper with the intent of finding out how long you’ll take to complete each section of the paper. Alarms can also be used to schedule breaks so that you don’t get unhealthily engrossed into study without rest.

6. Lollipop


Enjoying a lollipop is also a great way to stay focused for extended periods of time as the hard candy simulates a level of concentration consuming the sweet. For the sleepyheads out there, we’ll recommend peppermint flavor!

7. Caffeinated Drinks


Reenergize with occasional sips on your Starbucks cup. Or, if you’ve overdosed on coffee, try green tea as an alternative with much lower levels of natural caffeine than coffee beans.

Conclusion — Importance of Study Sessions


Study sessions are vital for educational success as they provide an opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and deepen their understanding of their coursework. 

However, item preparation for these sessions is equally as important as it ensures that the learning process is done smoothly and efficiently. Good preparation can increase the productivity of study sessions, leading to a better understanding of the coursework, improved grades, and better chances of success in exams. 

Preparing items like notes, textbooks, past exam papers, and relevant reading materials can help students stay focused, creative and engaged during study sessions, which ultimately leads to better learning outcomes alongside good study habits.

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