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11 Tips Singaporean Students Should Follow to Spend Less Time On Social Media This Week

You would agree with us that social media is addicting. No matter how hard you try to get rid of it, you somehow end up getting hooked to it.

Are you sailing on the same boat? Are your parents and tutors tired of scolding you to limit your social media time, but all in vain? Well, we understand that social media platforms allow you to just chat for hours with your classmates and also help you in developing an active social circle. However, all this is doing more harm than good.

Here are some tips that would help you to limit your time spent on the social media this week.

1. Limit the Number of Minutes That You Spend on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to cut down your time on social media is to set a bar for yourself with respect to the actual minutes or hours that you spend on social media. If you are spending, say 2 hours a day on social media, you can cut it down to 1 hour by allocating that time to other tasks.

2. Plan a Physical Activity With Your Friends

Use of social media has made students happy enough to stay at home with their phones and laptop and reluctant to indulge in outdoor activities.

By planning an outdoor physical activity such as a full day of sports, a hike or a picnic you can gain the double advantage of physical fitness while automatically cutting down on your social media time.

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3. Keep Your Phone’s Notifications Silent While Studying

Students often get distracted by their phone lighting up with new notifications even while they are studying and often abandon their books midway to check out the newest social post. An easy way to avoid this is to turn off notifications and pick up the phone only after you are done with the studying.

4. Stop Chatting, Start Calling

Chatting sessions on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger can often turn into hour-long sessions whereas the same conversation can be made within a few minutes by a simple phone call. The next time someone messages you, save yourself some time and simply call that person back.

5. Go the Old School Way for Research

Students are more prone to keep checking in on their social media accounts even while they are browsing the internet for study material. You can easily avoid this unnecessary extra time spent on social media by doing your research in your school library or even discussing it with fellow students and teachers.

6. Participate in Social Activities Which Do Not Require Social Media

There are tons of social activities that you can participate in which will give you an opportunity to interact with people and make new friends. Volunteer work or even part-time jobs will give students something to feel good about and take their attention away from social media.

7. Enjoy a Social Media Free Day

Give yourself a challenge and simply block all the social media sites for a day. You will realize how many things you have been missing out on because of your addiction to social media.

Alternatively, you can also pick a specific time of the day to block the social media sites. For example, you can assign yourself 3 hours a day for studying and block the social media sites for that duration.

8. Turn Your Phone Off at Night

A good strategy to cut down on social media time is to just turn off your phone before getting into bed. This ensures that you do not end up surfing the web while you wait for sleep which can lead to hours and hours of fruitless time spent stalking other users’ profiles.

9. Recall Your Hobbies Which You Have Given up On

Everyone is sure to have a hobby such as dancing, singing, painting etc. Recall what you liked doing just a few years back when you did not have social media websites to eat up your time. Take up that hobby again and make it a point to put in a couple of hours of practice into it. If you enjoy your hobby enough, you can even end up quitting social media altogether in favor of a much more enjoyable and rewarding activity.

10. Delete the Social Media Games and Apps

Enjoyable as they may be, the games and apps on social media only consume your time without giving any beneficial return. These games are a good option when you have some time to kill while you wait for something or someone.

However, at other times, such games only create an addiction for the students because of their interactive nature and students end up wasting a good amount of their time on such apps and games.

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11. Involve Your Friends in Your Goal Of Cutting Down on Social Media Time

It is a proven fact that your chances of following a schedule work better when you have someone to share it with you. If you have a friend or a family member following the same social media schedule as you, then you can both decide to cut down on your social media hours by charting out a schedule. This way you can both remind each other and encourage each other to stick to the schedule and cut down on the social media time.

Wrapping Up

Needless to say, you can definitely give up on social media if you are determined to do so. So what steps will you adopt to give up on your social media addiction? Do let us know in the comments below.

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